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UKIP’s political views on healthcare issues

Healthcare issues

Should there be more or less privatisation of the NHS? stats discuss

UKIP’s answer: More, but only where it can increase quality while reducing costs Source

Should there be more or less privatisation of hospital and healthcare services? stats discuss

UKIP’s answer: I am satisfied with the current system Source

Should foreign visitors have to pay for emergency medical treatment during their stay in the UK? stats discuss

UKIP’s answer: Yes, and require visitors to show proof of insurance before entering the UK Source

Do you support the legalisation of Marijuana? stats discuss

UKIP’s answer: No Source

Do you support a single-payer healthcare system? stats discuss

UKIP have not answered this question yet. Would you like to suggest their answer?

Should private firms reimburse the NHS if they exceed a 5% profit on contracts? stats discuss

UKIP’s answer: Yes Source

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