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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...9yrs

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...9yrs

No, more research is needed to measure the long term effects of fracking

@5DTCF9L answered…2yrs

As a last resort in the face of global crisis such as a multi year winter

@97ZMKPL answered…1wk

No because we don’t know the environmental factors and it causes disruption to local citizens.

@97Z9948 answered…1wk

Yes, but not in heavily populated areas, and only as a temporary solution and/or to create an energy supply for energy crises

@97QM3LQLabour answered…3wks

@96PQVSD answered…1mo

Yes, but only with permission from local residents and only in times of desperate need

@968G7H6 answered…2mos

Use some of our own resources alongside imports, but use just the minimum so that we can invest more heavily into alternative and longer term and less polluting energy sources

@965LYT7 answered…2mos

Fracking in less populated areas should be allowed until the UK has sufficient alternative methods.

@95WS752 answered…2mos

@95F5QM6 answered…3mos

No, we should pursue more sustainable energy resources instead and also do more research is needed to measure the long term effects of fracking.

@955XD3CConservative answered…3mos

Yes but only until we are no longer reliant on gas/fossil fuels which should be phased out.

@955LX4R answered…3mos

@944XD88 answered…4mos

@944P3TW answered…4mos

@944L5S8 answered…4mos

If necessary to provide sufficient and cost effective energy in the short term, but pursue sustainable alternatives.

@93XLYVQ answered…5mos

Yes but more sustainable energy resources should have been looked into first

@Kohinvo answered…5mos

Yes, in the short term while renewable energy capabilities are improved

@93X4N3R answered…5mos

No, it is not renewable, but switch to alternative energy gradually

@93WCYR7Labour answered…5mos

Yes, but the oil and gas can't be used for purposes that negatively affect climate change. The oil and gas can only be used for heating and fuel if there is a national shortage or to assist in lowering the cost of living temporarily.

@93VRN4N answered…5mos

No, however it shouldn't be completely banned because if it was, there would be redundancy of jobs and higher energy prices.

@93VR2VBSNP answered…5mos

Fracking occurs offshore already. Ban it onshore due to water table risks

@93VFPVNLabour answered…5mos

Yes, but increase oversight with view to transition to sustainable energy in long term.

@93T7P7L answered…5mos

Use it but slowly phase it out to use more sustainable energy resources instead

@93T62YD answered…5mos

@93RJDM7Liberal Democrat answered…5mos

Yes, but slowly reduce while pouring more funding into sustainable energy sources

@93QWLKV answered…5mos

Any resources extracted should not be used for energy and instead for things such as medical manufacturing and processes

@93JPYHY answered…5mos

@93FBJFN answered…6mos

No, fracking is not financially viable and is therefore a bad investment

@93DGF9Q answered…6mos

Nuclear power could have solved all our problems by now but oil company's didn't want to lose there profits

@9399ZTY answered…6mos

Yes, but for every £ spent on fracking the equivalent spent on sustainable resources


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