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More, reform the system so that it supplements, rather than replaces, a working income

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@985WSD2from Maryland  answered…2 days

Same restrictions, but the amount of welfare being paid to recipients should be increased.

@97XHJRY answered…2wks

Benefit system needs wholesale reform to lock in fairness and equity.

@97QR8PK answered…3wks

Give benefits to the elderly and disabled people based on circumstances and ban immigrants from having benefits

@97K667M answered…4wks

Change benefits so that instead of it giving monetary value, give food or childcare or council tower block housing or support to go into work. It must all be aimed at making sure someone is back in work.

@974V27WConservative answered…1mo

More, benefits are currently given to many who are capable of working but chose not to

@96ZWVGCGreen answered…1mo

Fewer, plus reform the system to provide more help for those trying to get back into work. Benefits need to be additional help for those that need them, not a require for those people to live and receivers shouldn’t be punished for trying to return to work as they currently are!

@96X5V8M answered…1mo

More, but increase benefits for the elderly and disabled and for other, only provide a supplement income, rather than working income

@96RNTJH answered…1mo

Fewer, because they can help people with disabilities and medical issues.

@96Q59YL answered…1mo

More, increase benefits for the disabled and deny benefits to those who are capable of working and immigrants

@96PFBMP answered…2mos

Those who choose not to work should receive nothing. Those who have more than 2 children should receive nothing. Immigrants cannot claim until they have been in UK employment for 5 years

@96NZJ38 answered…2mos

@96NR3MX answered…2mos

Annual reviews for each recipient. Deductions and penalties on a case-by-case basis.

@96NP2X4 answered…2mos

More, you should only be able to claim benefits if you have paid into the economy for a minimum of 5 years. You should never be better off on benefits than you would be working. The country shouldn't be paying for people to have unlimited numbers of children. Housing allowance shouldn't be more than working people would be able to afford.

@96KBLGH answered…2mos

Fewer, but ensure that working is always more financially viable. Offer free full time childcare so single parents can work full time and couples can both work full-time - Make working pay.

@96JM2GF answered…2mos

Make it easily adjustable to be relaxed or restricted on demand for inflation or other issues.

@96BTK3Y answered…2mos

Fewer but reform for a universal benefit with add on for personal circumstances like single parent, living with a chronic illness and disability, or elderly on low pension.

@96BN8R8Labour answered…2mos

Prevent the system being abused, provide adequate funding to those that require it. Enforce measures on those who are not working when they can. Encourage and make it more beneficial to work than live on benefits. Increase min wage and provide more jobs by renationalising industries

@969TRY3 answered…2mos

More screening/restrictions but then a living wage, and deny benefits to immigrants not living here for less than 10years

@964K8TP answered…2mos

Reform the welfare system to make it universal - so that everyone has the basics for life provided for them.

@964HRWR answered…2mos

Work should be offered instead of benefits to able bodied citizens

@962VZL8 answered…2mos

Benefits should be enough to cover basic necessaties and should raise in accordance with inflation and the cost of living.

@95YZ7RQ answered…2mos

More, but more care should be taken to properly assess who is deserved of these benefits

@95YNG9FLiberal Democrat answered…2mos

More. Assessments for need should be carried out and those abusing the system should have benefits removed.

@95YLM8H answered…2mos

More, reform the system so that it supplements, rather than replaces, a working income, with the exception for when the person has a valid reason not to be in employment

@95VYTZT answered…2mos

institute the universal basic income then remove/ reform the benefits system, excepting for the elderly and disabled

@95KQ88RLiberal Democrat answered…3mos

Fewer, but cut down on benefits for asylum seekers and immigrants and focus more on the elderly, homeless and disabled

@955SD9G answered…3mos

Larger reform required. Define “never able” claimants and give them a modestly comfortable life. All other claimants get increased benefits over a short “back to work” term (up to 1-2 years). This is plenty time to find a job or be reclassified to “never able”. No payments after this term completed. This will provide better support for genuine claimants while deterring the feckless and work shy

@953TFC2 answered…3mos

The structure should be changed so benefits are more available to those who need it but still incentivise those on benefits to obtain employment where possible, for example providing opportunities for qualifications and assistance targeting the cause of the need for benefits and managing this.

@94ZHLZN answered…3mos

@94JPB6W answered…3mos

@94D4V82 answered…3mos

@948C72CLiberal Democrat answered…4mos

Fewer restrictions but a much more stringent system of checking qualifications for benefits. There are too many people taking advantage of the system.

@947MNZR answered…4mos

This really depends on the availability of and ability to access work that pays a liveable wage

@946BL2K answered…4mos

Fewer, and the current UK welfare budget should be consolidated into a single Universal Basic Income, given to all residents

@9422R3S answered…4mos

Yes that only covers basic necessities including food and housing but you must report to job centre and work a minimum number of hours for the state to qualify for welfare


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