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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...9yrs

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...9yrs

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...9yrs

Yes, but only if their human rights will be respected by the country they are deported to

@93M9Y3S answered…5mos

@989XBFP answered…3hrs

Yes, but only if there is sufficient evidence that they are promoting terrorism

@9866KWG answered…5 days

@98466V3 answered…1wk

If they are doing something harmful, then give them a fine, if they are plotting against the country then deport them.

@97R75PQ answered…4wks

This depends on the individual, deporting them if they are dangerous will only move the problem and not deal with it legally.

@97QS3DWUKIP answered…4wks

No, because they will find a way back in, euthanise them and donate their organs.

@97NTF6S answered…4wks

no, deportation wouldn't change the fact that they are promoting terrorism. the government should evaluate if the person is actually going to commit and act of terrorism.

@978LSKB answered…1mo

I don’t trust the government to define definitions and boundaries of terrorism

@975H94LLabour answered…1mo

@9753S4D answered…1mo

only if there is undeniable proof and there is a trial/hearing/tribunal

@96ZWVGCGreen answered…1mo

They should be deported to their home country unless they are at risk or harm, their home country is unsafe, or they have gained UK citizenship already.

@96YZ6XFLabour answered…1mo

Regardless of where they've come from, residents living under British jurisdiction should have the same legal status, including being answerable to the domestic British justice system in the same way as each other.

@96X5V8M answered…1mo

No, but those suspected of promoting terorism should face a standard trial of criminal activity

@96R9QC7Liberal Democrat answered…2mos

Yes but only if there is undeniable evidence that they pose a serious threat to the country. If they are somewhat of a threat, then they should be held under custody.

@96PTQ9V answered…2mos

We should work on educating them and deterring them from terrorism

@96J2S2H answered…2mos

Only if there is equal punishment for native brits who engage in the same behaviour

@96B88PQLabour answered…2mos

Yes, if believed to be actively encouraging or assisting serious terrorist activity

@966NDGWConservative answered…2mos

Yes, immigrants who have committed an offence should be deported to the country of origin as applicable, only if such a nation is known to be a safe environment to allow for the individuals fair and public trial. In the circumstance where the nation in question is not a safe destination for the deported immigrant, they should then be deported to a country that is known to be safe. The immigrant may be afforded the choice of destination in cases of lesser crime, however this will not be the case in more serious situations. An immigrant may not be deported for acts of High Treason, Sedition, or any other extreme act of violence towards the Public or the Crown (which is considered to be an embodiment of our nation).

@965TC6R answered…2mos

Yes, but only if there is undeniable evidence that they may be a threat to the country.

@965SRJM answered…2mos

You have to have actual proof that they are promoting terrorism rather than you thinking it

@964K7DD answered…2mos

No, they should go through a mandatory rehabilitation program to ensure they are no longer a threat

@95VYTZT answered…3mos

no, but reserve the right to deport any immigrant who commits or plans to commit serious or violent crimes, only after a full and fair legal trial/ inquiry

@95SNVZK answered…3mos

@95T9NG2 answered…3mos

@95PH9GH answered…3mos

Yes but only if there is undeniable evidence and but if their human rights will be respected by the country they are deported to

@95NZHLT answered…3mos

depends, as they should be arrested and returned to their country if their human rights will be upheld if they are found going through with a terrorist attck, but if they are just taking about it then they should be allowed to, unless it escalates to threats, in which case the police should warn them and make sure they understand the consequences. if the human rights will not be upheld in their country of origin, then they should serve their sentence here.

@95CFCK8Liberal Democrat answered…3mos

If they are considered they ought to be tried and sentenced here in the uk

@959JMJV answered…3mos

Yes and deport any foreigners with a Serious criminal conviction unless they have lived in Britain for more than 10 years and they are a citizen

@958QVDG answered…3mos

I think this should be handled on a case by case basis by a board of people who have a range of knowledge in this field. I am not one of them.

@955SD9G answered…3mos

No, unless they happen to be guilty of illegal entry. Immigration status of an offender doesn’t make victims of crime sleep any better or worse


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