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@9868V6M answered…7hrs

Yes, but for child sex offences and animal abuse and cruelty and sex offences against animals.

@983PQ2W answered…5 days

Yes, but only as the criminal's choice between that and life in prison.

@982MF94 answered…6 days

Only if it’s a horrific crime with undeniable evidence AND permission from the criminal for the death penalty as it’s their body

@97ZS44YCount Binface Party answered…1wk

Only for people in positions of authority that have abused that authority, ie in cases of severe Police brutality.

@97YTD4B answered…2wks

@97YSR9PGreen answered…2wks

@97YLW9P answered…2wks

Yes but only for targeted attacks on police, fire service or NHS staff

@97X55GK answered…2wks

Yes, for the most horrific crimes and if it is cheaper for the taxpayer than to fund their imprisonment

@97WN3BD answered…2wks

It's cheaper, more reliable than a death sentence and it should be allowed only for those who are serial murderers and infamous robbies and spies.

@97SF82X answered…3wks

should be sent to work camps until sentence is done so they can still be useful for society

@97QL4VX answered…3wks

No, but life in prison should mean life and prisons shouldn’t be like holiday camps

@97QHHW7 answered…3wks

No, it is hypocritical for governments to condemn taking a person’s life only to then do the same themselves; true justice fundamentally respects human rights

@97Q5RFN answered…3wks

@97PGBVG answered…3wks

No, we shouldn't have prisons as they're antiquated and oppressive

@97PFYQX answered…3wks

the victim's family should have a say and it should only be an option if there is undeniable evidence that they are guilty

@97MHBLDGreen answered…4wks

Yes, but the criminal should be able to choose, if they are sentenced to life.

@97LR76W answered…4wks

Yes but we must we must have solid evidence and must respect their rights.

@97DB54HSNP answered…4wks

@97C2MHB answered…4wks

Yes, but as a last opinion for people that are safety risks and have done horrific crimes

@979V694Labour answered…1mo

If it is 100% proven on a sick crime I think death penalty is required but too many innocent people have lost there lives to crimes they haven’t commited

@976Z8DYLabour answered…1mo

yes, but only for those that remain a threat to the general public while behind bars such as dangerous cult leaders.

@97579DZ answered…1mo

Yes, however fair evidence should be proven so innocent people aren’t convicted

@96WWLBV answered…1mo

No but the convicted person should be made to work their whole life and not be kept by the state


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