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Labour’s political stances on education issues

Education issues

Should the UK abolish university tuition fees? stats discuss

Labour’s answer: Yes, but stop increasing number of university places Source

Should free meals be offered to all primary school students? stats discuss

Labour’s answer: Yes, but only if they meet high nutritional standards Source

Should all state schools be required to follow a standard curriculum? stats discuss

Labour’s answer: Yes, but allow flexibility for non-core subjects Source

Should every student be required to take a GCSE exam at the end of Year Eleven? stats discuss

Labour’s answer: Yes Source

Would you support the return of a selective education system and the reintroduction of grammar schools? stats discuss

Labour’s answer: No Source

Should the government allow businesses, charities, parents or teachers to use public money to start "free schools"? stats discuss

Labour’s answer: No, free schools divert money away from existing schools Source

Do you support charter schools? stats discuss

Labour have not answered this question yet. Would you like to suggest their answer?

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