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Which of your friends are most similar or opposite of your beliefs?

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Our algorithm matches you to candidate’s answers based on the following metrics:

Similarity: Is your stance on this issue similar to the candidate’s stance? If so, how similar is it?

Importance: How important is this issue to you? If you forgot to select the importance of an issue, you can go back and update your answers.

Conviction: How consistent and committed to this issue is the candidate and how likely are they to follow through on a campaign promise? Our news feed is constantly analyzing daily news, campaign finance data, and government voting records to determine what a candidate’s top issues are, how they voted on an issue in the past, where they get their money from, and how often they change their position on an issue.

Our goal is to make it easy for you to stay updated on where candidates side on issues that are important to you.

British Nationals

I side with British Nationals on 35% of political issues of the 2017 Election

Issues we side on...


Somewhat Important

Should there be more or less privatisation of the NHS? Stats Discuss

British Nationals voters: Less, and nationalise all health services Source

Your partially similar answer: Less

Domestic Policy

Somewhat Important

Do you support the use of zero hour contracts? Stats Discuss

Your answers: No Source


Somewhat Important

Should the UK abolish university tuition fees? Stats Discuss

British Nationals voters: Yes, but only for UK citizens Source

Your similar answer: Yes


Somewhat Important

Do you support the construction of a high speed railway (HS2) connecting London to Birmingham? Stats Discuss

British Nationals voters: No, we should improve existing rail networks instead Source

Your similar answer: No

Somewhat Important

Should the London Underground be considered an "essential service" which would ban all future worker strikes? Stats Discuss

British Nationals voters: No, and British public sector jobs should not be given to foreign workers Source

Your similar answer: No

Issues we do not side on...

Foreign Policy

Somewhat Important

Should the UK abolish the Human Rights Act? Stats Discuss

British Nationals voters: Yes, replace it with a bill of rights that gives the UK more legislative control Source

You: No


Somewhat Important

Should foreign visitors have to pay for emergency medical treatment during their stay in the UK? Stats Discuss

British Nationals voters: Yes, and require visitors to show proof of insurance before entering the UK Source

You: No


Somewhat Important

Should the UK deport immigrants who are considered to be promoting terrorism? Stats Discuss

British Nationals voters: Yes, and deport foreigners convicted of any criminal activity Source

You: No, foreigners should have the same free speech rights as citizens

Domestic Policy

Somewhat Important

Should nonviolent drug offenders be given mandatory jail sentences? Stats Discuss

British Nationals voters: Yes, they should be removed from society Source

You: No

the Economy

Somewhat Important

Should there be fewer or more restrictions on current welfare benefits? Stats Discuss

British Nationals voters: More, and deny benefits to immigrants Source

You: Fewer

the Environment

Somewhat Important

Do you support the use of genetically engineered crops and foods? Stats Discuss

British Nationals voters: No Source

You: Yes, but require the labelling of foods that are genetically modified

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