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Yes, and parents must be permanent residents of the UK in order to claim

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...8yrs

@985XZT7 answered…2 days

Abolish Child Benefit and just keep the means-tested child tax credit instead

@984KNDN answered…4 days

No, but social workers will communicate with the families to make sure the children are receiving proper care.

@97RRS5G answered…3wks

It should be tied to whether parents are working and married to receive higher payments.

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@97D6T53 answered…4wks

Yes, but 2 children or 2 births whichever is first since no one can control twins etc.

@96ZWVGCGreen answered…1mo

Yes, people should be incentivised to reproduce while not being rewarded for causing overpopulation.

@96Q59YL answered…1mo

Yes, but this should be implemented as a yearly plan which means that the age of this restriction will increase yearly

@96LBY5YLabour answered…2mos

All parents who have custody of the child(ren) should be permanent residents of the UK to claim child benefits.

@96986BM answered…2mos

Not restricted but means tested & subject to being U.K. domiciled for tax purposes

@95YKF88 answered…2mos

This should only apply to those below a certain income. The wealthy don’t need it.

@95XVTXY answered…2mos

If having many children and child benefits are found to be the only source of income for a family, they will be threatened with a cut-off if they do not find work and earn money legitimately (unless they are physically unable) and their children will be taken off them by social services. If they are working, then there should be no maximum limit.

@955SD9G answered…3mos

Adults may have as many children as they can pay for. Remove all medium-long term child related payments. Short term emergency only. Once this short period passes, evaluate whether the parents are now fit, and remove children from unfit parents. This will ensure child safety while deterring baby  cannons.

@9488NR5 answered…4mos

Yes, unless the situation is due to unforseen circumstances, people should not be encouraged to have children they can't afford to care for

@947TF78 answered…4mos

No but it should be means tested, especially if both parents are working.

@947MLT2Green answered…4mos

Child benefits should be restricted to a maximum of one. If the parent or parents have had one child and realised that they cannot afford that child, it should not fall on the government to support another.

@942VXXM answered…4mos

No, as long as at least one parent is in full-time work and paying taxes

@942VXTH answered…4mos

@93T3S46Conservative answered…5mos

We need more children not less, and the nuclear traditional family with both parents needs to be encouraged. It’s too complicated at the moment and unfair on couples

@93RQZKF answered…5mos

if they had 2 or more kids before they needed benefits yes, if not then no, don’t have kids if you can’t afford it

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Restrict to two pregnancies. If first pregnancy results in twins that's it cap reached, however if first pregnancy has one live birth, and second had twins that would still be allowed

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