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 @9LQBFHZ answered…49mins49m

Yes, but it should also come with mandatory educational elements on drugs and a pathway to get your life back in track.

 @9LQ8G24 answered…2hrs2H

Yes to all businesses as it is impossible to run a business without the internet, and homes based on circumstances

 @9LQ8G24 answered…2hrs2H

Yes, and 18-21 year olds should be the same as everyone else as we don’t live with our parents but employers assume we d…

 @9LQ7RT6 answered…2hrs2H

No, the UK is a prosperous island with no need of this, we should return to traditional farming methods and crops instea…

 @9LQ7RT6 answered…2hrs2H

Nationalise and militarise the industry, and have the armed forces running, guarding and protecting the bases.

 @9LQ7RT6 answered…2hrs2H

Increase, but focus on home and commonwealth territories, not unwarranted excursions into foreign lands, or playing the…

 @9LQ5Y7W answered…3hrs3H

I agreed at the time but the country has deteriorated and funds previously paid into the eu do not seem to be put back i…

 @9LQ5JF9 answered…3hrs3H

I believe people should be hired based on ability, but also believe more should be done through education and the busine…

 @9LPZLR3 answered…4hrs4H

No, the UK does not need this; return to traditional farming methods instead, and stop purchasing and producing GMO crop…

 @9LQ2QXN answered…4hrs4H

Yes, but university admission should be rigorous and the total number of students attending university smaller

 @9LQ2FVF answered…5hrs5H

I don't believe it needs to be increased or decreased, however, the government needs to provide more incentives for our…

 @9LQ2FVF answered…5hrs5H

Yes they should be banned and the government should increase tax on products that are made of less than 75% biodegradabl…

 @9LQ2FVF answered…5hrs5H

The London Underground is already an essential service regardless of whether it's officially considered one or not, howe…

 @9LQ2FGM answered…5hrs5H

This may increase people abusing this system which should NOT be promoted. Social programs and help need to be advertise…

 @9LQ2FGM answered…5hrs5H

Only to reduce criminal activity. Rehab areas need to be more highly advertised. Drug use should NOT be normalised

 @9LPZLR3 answered…5hrs5H

Increase, focus on defending British homeland and territories, but don't allow our troops to become mercenaries for our…

 @9LPZH7W answered…6hrs6H

It comes down to cost. If the meals are balanced and nutrional, and it is cheaper to pay monthly than increases taxes, t…

 @9LPZGSC answered…6hrs6H

decrease the taxes for everyone else in the UK, but definitely increase for the rich and upper class. then they can fee…

 @9LPZGGT answered…6hrs6H

No, but criminals who have been convicted with undoubtable evidence should lose many of these rights

 @9LPZ2KV answered…6hrs6H

Stop wasteful R&D, just buy American equipment to stop us wasting billions developing bad equipment ex. the Ajax.

 @9LPYSX8 answered…7hrs7H

Yes, only where the local environmental can deal with an increase of population. Or also build more schools, dentists, d…

 @9LPYN83 answered…7hrs7H

All children medically fit for vaccines should be required however some children have allergies in which case they shoul…

 @9LPXVXH answered…8hrs8H

Yes, in very central areas. Moving quickly into larger areas of medium density (4-9 stories) akin to Paris.

 @9LPXV2Q answered…8hrs8H

Increase but also encourage own citizen to be high skilled as well as discourage the lowering of wages

 @9LPXV2Q answered…8hrs8H

If able to captured, then captured and given trial but if cannot, and there is undeniable evidence that they are plannin…