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@97ZBX6CLabour answered…1 day

Reform the current voting system to include an upper house elected by proportional representation to keep the best of both systems.

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@97YPKSQ answered…4 days

Switch to MMP (Mixed Member Proportional) having two votes; first vote to vote for an mp and second for a political party. My idea: 60% of MPs elected by fptp and 40% elected by PR so that minor parties can be elected

@97WSZB9 answered…1wk

no keep parliament the same but change lords to be proptional voting system

@97WN3BD answered…1wk

It should be a mix between proportional representation and first pass the post

@97V3LGQ answered…1wk

Use a system similar to Scotland and Wales which keeps Parliamentary Constituencies but adds a regional vote as well

@97R7NYZLabour answered…2wks

i believe its more representative however its shown to cause many problems and at times its unsuitable at uncertain times of crises . but it would make it better

@97QWM3V answered…2wks

They should all be fired. Get some kids in there. 5-10+ who’s passed university. In their late 20-30’s. No more old people. Old ways are finished. There needs to be youth in that House of Commons! Choose me! They need a young head.

@97QL6F3Labour answered…2wks

Alternative voting system that is both effective and most of all representative

@97LL6ZQLiberal Democrat answered…3wks

No there should be ranked choice voting, better we are all content instead of most upset and few happy.

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@9784YGJ answered…3wks

Should be one where independents start on an equal footing with party representatives

@96ZVNQH answered…4wks

People should vote for who is going to represent their region/county, then whatever party has been voted for the most wins, and the one who is the second most voted for is the opposition.

@96ZT3BP answered…4wks

I think it should be based on purely policies like this quiz, where you can't see which party you're voting for. And then whoever gets the most votes in an area gains a seat in Parliament, eventually forming a government but perhaps more parties have to work together as a coalition government and work together better.

@96Y9BCCSNP answered…4wks

Once again I’m not an expert so I would have to let my favourite party (SNP) decide

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@96WRFZ2Labourfrom District of Columbia  answered…1mo

@96WQD6DLabour answered…1mo

We should abolish the house of lords and have a proportional representation system in the upper house

@96VQ6QDConservative answered…1mo

We should get rid of the parties, and only have independents, who, once elected will then nominate a leader and the leader will make a cabinet.

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@96RL6SK answered…1mo

Stv or similar for the commons, PR for the reformed second chamber


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