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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...9yrs

Lower the income tax rate and remove all existing tax loopholes for large corporations

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...9yrs

Abolish the income tax, disallow all deductions and increase the sales tax

@97ZL2TJ answered…8hrs

Reform benefits and get people back to work it’s disgusting that people sponge off the government yet have 100k equity in a home

@97YT3RP answered…3 days

raise taxes for the rich and get rid of tax loopholes for large corporations

@97Y969H answered…5 days

Raise taxes on the highest earners but raise that limit to over £200,000

@97Y8NJG answered…5 days

Firstly, remove all existing tax loopholes for individuals as well as for large corporations.

@97XJFG8 answered…6 days

Well since it is the time of inflation I think that we should but not more than 50%

@97XHLJL answered…6 days

@97XCYR7 answered…7 days

No, there is no point if the the loopholes are left in place. Actually collect what is currently owed first.

@97WYZ94Labour answered…1wk

No but remove the loop holes within the law to prevent tax avoidance

@97SF49P answered…2wks

In principle I agree with those who are financially more able to contribute more to do so but I don,t think this is simply as raising taxes on the rich. It is more about ensuring that all pay their contribution and legal tax avoidance issues are reviewed

@97QKVJLLabour answered…2wks

Should be a tax on net assets. Taxing income tax is relative i.e will hurt those without assets generating cash more so than those without. The definition of rich is not directly linked to high income earners

@97Q5BVGLiberal Democrat answered…2wks

Yes - through taxing passive income such as capital gains tax and withholding tax on dividend

@97P68PS answered…2wks

@97P2TV4 answered…2wks

Yes, close tax loopholes and incentivise investment instead of excess

@97MM2VW answered…2wks

Yes but widen the bandings before top rates kick in. 45% above £150,000 and 47.5% above £500,000

@97LMJHS answered…3wks

Tax the rich and remove existing tax loopholes for large corporations.

@97K667M answered…3wks

Remove tax loopholes on rich and increase rich tax when debt is high but when debt is low decrease rich tax.

@97JSSJM answered…3wks

I think tax should be lowered for middle bracket incomes however for mega rich tax should be increased.

@97HR4HJ answered…3wks

@97BCBT9 answered…3wks

@97B2W3Y answered…3wks

I don’t feel this is relevant as the rich usually have other forms of income which the government would be unable to tax.

@978WPXD answered…3wks

The richer are already rich enough!!! Give money to some of the poorer people for goodness sake

@973GPHW answered…4wks

Tax freeze and focus more funds on retrieving all unpaid tax from the rich and large corporations.

@972NJ7G answered…4wks

@96ZWVGCGreen answered…4wks

Yes, raise taxes on the rich and on corporations. Reform NI and corporation tax to be more progressive like income tax and close all loopholes.

@96YDX2T answered…4wks

@96Y9BCCSNP answered…4wks

Yes, but give the Scottish government part of it to help them develop scotland

@96Y2STCLabour answered…4wks

Taxing individuals too much can lead to them putting their money into offshore tax havens. Instead of paying any UK taxes.


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