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 @9HV4TW8from answered…5mos5MO

I have no negative feelings about people speaking other languages, but I would like permanent residents of the UK to be able to speak English, or to be working towards the goal of having English proficiency.


English is a world language and the main language of the UK. If I moved abroad I would make a concerted effort to learn and speak to local language.


I think if you live in the UK you should be fluent in English before you are allowed to move here. I spent six months in hospital and I fully advocate for free healthcare but the care is failing based on language barriers and other cultures bringing their beliefs into our healthcare system. I have autism and the African staff were nasty as they still institutionalise individuals with ASD. The language barriers and cultural differences need to stop


I think it’s great to live in a diverse and multi-cultural society where we can grow and learn from each other.


I don't have any particular feelings towards how people choose to communicate with each other, I don't see how it affects me if someone chooses to speak a different language.


It's a great reminder of the vastness of the world in which we live, and the differences between all of us, and the fact that we can overcome all to live side by side in peace


i think they have a right to their own country and i won’t discriminate but they should learn the language to be in the country


Learning the language allows for easier integration into the culture and improves employment opportunities


As a foreigner myself I feel more comfortable talking in my native tongue to friends and family but will speak (fluently) English if people start complaining


I am generally interested when I hear other languages, I think it makes the world more interesting. The tone of the speaker affects me more than the fact I don't understand, but that is the same for a language I do understand. If the person speaking is angry or aggressive in their speech then that will make me feel afraid, rather than the language they are speaking. Languages are fascinating and rich in culture and history, not solving to be afraid of.


I'm glad that people not from this country are able to preserve their cultural heritage


I am of mixed heritage. My grandparents were subjected to extreme racism when they arrived in this country, and as a result, they stopped practicing certain parts of their religion and culture. I feel that part of myself has been lost as a result, as family traditions became more anglicised, or they were left behind entirely because my grandparents were scared. I have lost part of my culture and history because of this, and if my grandparents were able to pass certain traditions (etc) down, I don’t think that would have made me any less British.

 @9HXKJN8Labour answered…4mos4MO

Curious in the sense that I wonder what they're talking about


People are entitled to their own language. I know I wouldn't be able to learn the language of every country I travel to, and it would be arrogant to insist others do it.


I do not give damn about what they are saying. I keep to my own and so do they. I don't interfere nd nor want to.


If people our in the United Kingdom then they have a right to speak their own language but should still have a basic understanding of English

 @9JFHNRQConservativefrom Florida agreed…4mos4MO

There is nothing wrong with speaking a different language, however you should still know English or be in the process of learning English if you want to properly contribute to the country.


Everyone can speak their own language. If someone moves to the UK to live, they should receive support in order to learn English to help them navigate their daily lives and integrate into the wider community.


Of course they have the right to speak their own language. It would be for their own benefit that they adapt to the language, but this isn't accessible for everyone. The 1998 Human Rights Act gives people freedom of expression, how on earth could anyone not have the right to speak their language. I don't mind hearing a language I don't understand, if anything I'm interested as to know which it is.


English is a language that takes many years to learn. We can't expect people to bend over and learn English instantly, when we can't even speak more than one language most of the time.


I feel that immigrants can openly speak their language regardless of which country they are in, but should prepare themselves to learn English in order to communicate with British civillians.


I feel interested in different cultures and happy to live in a country where linguistic diversity can thrive.


Permanent UK residents should be able to speak English, however I have no issue with people speaking their native language.

 @9HX9WLVLiberal Democratagreed…4mos4MO

They should be either speaking, or learning to speak the native language. Have free lessons to those who would like it.


Well I do feel that if the National Language is english. Everyone living here should be able to learn to read, write and speak basic English.


While being able to communicate in English would be advantageous if a person doesn't deem it necessary to learn it, maybe their job doesn't require it, then it wouldn't make sense to force them into learning another language.


Everyone should have basic communication skills, but a requirement to write and read it is unnecessary in the days of modern technology.

 @9LQW6GH agreed…4wks4W

I personally speak another language with my parents, but will speak English with them in public in order to make sure no one else feels uncomfortable. When you don’t know what someone else is saying, it can be uncomfortable not knowing what is said, whether they are speaking about you, the small chance that they may be scheming something that could put you in danger etc.


Depends, if it's tourists clearly on holiday, not a problem, but if you go somewhere overrun with migrants then it disgusts me


Why should i care what language they are speaking, if they are being good citizens and not hurting anyone, let them speak what they want


As long as people are being respectful in their own language then allow them to speak in a the way they are most familiar and comfortable with


Everyone should have the right to speak their own language regardless of where they are and who they are surrounded by


I feel interested and fascinated, I believe that my lack of prejudice even though I live in a country filled with it comes from having foreign parents and experience this kind of lack of understanding from others firsthand.


I have no negative feelings about people speaking other languages. However permanent residents should be working towards a basic understanding of English.


Immigrants to the country should be expected to integrate into the local culture and commuity rather than coalesce into a standalone community that lacks cultural cohesion to the rest of the country


I feel nervous, but it is fine to not understand people’s languages and cultures. It is a great place to learn something new.

 @9HVVZ7YWomen's Equalityanswered…5mos5MO

I don’t care who speaks what language and I don’t feel any type of way if I don’t understand it, I myself speak 3 and I’m totally fine when people don’t understand when I say speak with someone in my language.


Freedom of expression and the ability to speak your own mother tongue is to be encouraged, however it should be expected to learn the common tongue of the nation in which you reside, not expect those who live in that nation to learn your language


Like two people are more comfortable having a conversation in a different language, no effect


I feel happy since people from foreign countries are given the chance to embrace their culture

 @9HXBDG7 answered…4mos4MO

I like hearing foreign languages, it makes me feel exposed to other cultures and people from different places.


I love hearing other languages but feel to live in the UK you need to have a good understanding and ability to communicate in English

 @9HWPKV5 answered…4mos4MO

I don’t really care. I often listen to it to see if I can recognise it. I’m genuinely curious about people and where they come from.


no particular way, if anything, I find it interesting


I also realise how lazy we are as a country for not pushing 2nd/3rd languages in schools


When i hear languages I do not understand I beleve time should be taken to understand the message they are trying to convey. Though we may not understand what they are speaking it doesn't mean they have a lack of intelligence


ESL speakers can be incredibly intelligent people who simply lack the exact terms to convey that in our language, it doesn't make them less intelligent than us because of this.


To some extent, what people are saying in a language one doesn't understand is none of one's business.


I don't mind, you should be able to speak any language in your personal life. But everyone in the country should be able to speak English.


I think that this is fine I believe that people should be able to speak their native language


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