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No, and enact legislation preventing government surveillance of citizen communications

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...9yrs

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@98627JW answered…1 day

Yes, but only when there is reason for suspicion. When checked, all government records on the communications should be deleted immediately.

@982MF94 answered…6 days

Only if there is suspicious activity or have permission from court

@98243CW answered…7 days

@97ZMKPL answered…1wk

@96VMW8Y answered…1mo

Yes, but only for people who are suspected to be planning/committing criminal or terrorist acts

@96SVW28 answered…1mo

Yes but they should only be allowed to listen when they think there could be incriminating evidence

@96Q83M5Labour answered…1mo

Only where absolutely essential to prevent serious crime. Not to check for 'wrongthink'.

@96PRKLJ answered…1mo

Only whet absolutely necessary and this should be court approved.

@96NGL6L answered…2mos

Yes, but only for prevention of terrorism and most serious harm offences and it should be done so in an accountable and honest way. Once it is determined that the content is not subject to above, monitoring should cease immediately

@96N6HQ7 answered…2mos

Only in the case of terrorists and for major crimes (i.e. paedophilia)

@96JM2GF answered…2mos

Those with strong affiliation to terrorism and in tandem with court order should have light surveillance i.e no hacking or breaking into property without the dire need to stop an incident and only being allowed to surveil in a way normal citizens can.

@96BPDSW answered…2mos

Yes but only for those deemed to be a risk to national security. Set up a dedicated signals intelligence agency.

@964GYTM answered…2mos

@962VZL8 answered…2mos

Yes, but only by court order and in extreme circumstances were national security is at risk.

@95XVTXY answered…2mos

Those who are under current police surveillance for suspicious activity or people who are going to be under surveillance should have calls and emails logged in a system created by the phone or broadband provider that is only accessible to police or government agencies that survey suspicious activity to prevent any terror or violent attacks or things such as drug or human trafficking ect.

@95NMVQ3 answered…3mos

No and enact legislation preventing government surveillance of citizen communications unless by court order

@95F5QM6 answered…3mos

Yes only to combat terrorism and enact legislation preventing government surveillance of citizen communications.

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@94JQTYQ answered…3mos

Yes and only if there is intelligence to suggest there is a criminal intent

@9426LWX answered…4mos

I believe if you have nothing or hide you have nothing to fear, but I do not trust this government not to lose data or sell it to people

@93Z9FYD answered…4mos

Yes, but not past emails/phone calls, not future emails/phone calls, only current when needed e.g. by court order

@93W65BJConservative answered…5mos

The Government should not be monitering personnal emails and phone and mobiles registered as for Business use, but the should moniter Business emails, phones and mobiles to ensure corporate transparency.

@93VT8XKLabour answered…5mos

No, but law enforcement should with permission of the court and this information should not be shared with the government unless it relates to terrorism.

@92Y9XGC answered…7mos

Yes, but only fore prevention of crime and terrorism or by court order

@92JL466 answered…7mos

Yes, but only after sufficient evidence is presented to warrant such action.

@929JL9J answered…8mos

Only by court order, and only for those suspected in criminal and terrorist networks

 @927ZDP4 answered…8mos

Yes, but only for those with suspected terrorist acts or those with criminal backgrounds


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