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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...3yrs

No, eliminate any privatisation and have the government operate the trains and tracks

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...3yrs

@98627JW answered…6 days

No, but allow private investment into the railway before renationalising it.

@985YRKL answered…6 days

no, but allow more support financially from the National Government to local areas to increase local control over the railways

 @9858GD4 answered…1wk

Should be managed and owned privately but should receive government subsidisation.

@983ZVQ2from New Jersey  answered…1wk

Privatize the trains, but the tracks should be government operated.

@97ZGJ5D answered…2wks

No, The infrastructure should remain public and state run as carrier of last resort.

@97ZGJ5D answered…2wks

The infrastructure should remain public and state run as carrier of last resort.

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@97SF49P answered…4wks

The underlying question is that the railway needs to provide the most efficient and cost effective service for its users and regardless of who owns it there needs to be operating performance measures in place which are tracked and monitored

@97QR7BLfrom Maine  answered…4wks

Yes, but businesses should be more regulated when it comes to price and quality of the trains.

@97C2RDV answered…1mo

No. But it should be set up as a NfP organisation with a golden share owned by the State

@97BW675from Wisconsin  answered…1mo

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@976HG9X answered…1mo

No. There should be greater government control of trains and fare prices etc.

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@974V27WConservative answered…1mo

Yes, the system would run more efficiently if the tracks and trains were operated by private entities

@973PCF4 answered…1mo

Privatised but on proviso that it is well run and the unions don't hold the owner(country) to ransom with strikes.

@96Z76TRfrom Florida  answered…1mo

Yes but have the government tax the private companies and use the tax to make sure they are up to code on the racks and trains for public safety.

@96VBP9F answered…2mos

Balance between privatization and state funding through cap on profits and increased subsidization

@96TM8NW answered…2mos

Either privatise everything or make the government in control of everything

@96QQJFP answered…2mos

Yes. But enforce cheaper train fares too at the expense of profit

@96Q8X2K answered…2mos

@96NXSQ5Labour answered…2mos

If it's cost effective and is price capped, with low fees, then yes

@96NRVT9 answered…2mos

I dont like the current status but I remember how bad British Rail was and was subjected to poor service and industrial unrest.


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