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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...6yrs

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...6yrs

@97XX73X answered…5 days

Yes, but the government should implement strict regulations to monitor this practice toe prevent animal cruelty and extinction.

@97VLZCL answered…1wk

Yes. The dogs only catch the old and weak foxes, which is actually good for the species.

@97N88W8 answered…2wks

I understand this was / is a British tradition, which I am all for. But cannot ignore the cruelty of the practice.

@96YDX2T answered…4wks

No but in local communities it should be legal as long as it does not harm the environment

@96VMN3F answered…1mo

On occasion at a traditional time, but provided incentives to not do so.

@96SMX2C answered…1mo

Yes, but like all rural sports only to maintain a population/ environmental reasons

@96QMSNWReclaim Party answered…1mo

No, but hunting with a licensed rifle whilst killing humanely should be.

@96NRRJLConservative answered…1mo

Yes, however only in areas where it is necessary for foxes to be culled due to overpopulation and distraction of the surrounding environment.

@96JFJ2Q answered…1mo

@96BTYJC answered…2mos

If there is a suitable reason for it, but outside of it being just a traditional activity with express intention of causing prolonged deaths for the foxes, then no.

@95YLM8H answered…2mos

Yes, but it should be licensed on an individual basis with strict background checks made.

@95VVVWV answered…2mos

@95L3BGB answered…2mos

Only when overpopulation affects the biodiversity of the ecosystem

@95BJZRH answered…3mos

No, this is a barbaric practice and should be banned everywhere in the UK.

@946X2G6Conservative answered…4mos

Fake/Trail hunts should still be allowed but actually hunting should remain banned.

@946GS7Y answered…4mos

@9424M87Green answered…4mos

Yes, but only if proof that fox populations are out of control, not as sport.

@93VCB7P answered…4mos

Yes, but the practice should be regulated so to not harm indigenous fox populations

@93SDWTB answered…5mos

I think the fox hunters should be hunted. Killing for pleasure is not someone beneficial to society

@93Q3QZ3 answered…5mos

@93KQM66UKIP answered…5mos

@93GJ3ZC answered…5mos

@93DS6C4 answered…6mos

@93CQTST answered…6mos

I do not support it publicly but I understand and respect it’s benefits.

@93CB2SK answered…6mos

No, this is inhumane, should remain illegal, and people should actually be prosecuted

@9387DNL answered…6mos

Yes, I think it is cruel but government shouldn't proscribe in this way

@937C8SR answered…6mos

Yes, nut only if the strict and humane regulations of the Hunting Act are met

@92XC3SW answered…7mos

No, all hunting for sport should be banned and sentenced heavily. Hunting should only be conducted by licence people for conservation reasons only.

@92THKKP answered…7mos

It should not be decided by national vote it should be decided county by county

@92RM5KC answered…7mos

If it can be done as population control and does not lead to foxes becoming endangered

@92N9SSS answered…7mos

Small quantity of foxes are killed each year and they are vermin.

@92FYM3X answered…7mos

@92FC2LM answered…7mos

No but farmers should continue to shoot foxes for being threats to their livelihoods

@929C4T9 answered…8mos

If the foxes pose threat to a farmers crops and that fox population should be measured

@9267QF7 answered…8mos

Only in the case where foxes are damaging local farms/ecosystem and not excessively


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