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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...5yrs

Yes, private companies should not be able to profit off of healthcare

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...5yrs

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...5yrs

@9866KWG answered…12hrs

Yes, but I would rather make all health services publicly owned, rather than state of privately owned

@97QR8PK answered…3wks

Yes but all immigrants should pay through private health insurance before entering the uk

@97LL6ZQLiberal Democrat answered…4wks

Yes but private health care for cosmetic and some electives should be permitted.

@96R63X9 answered…1mo

@96Q9TLJ answered…1mo

If you pay into the NHS you should have access to it. 'Members' receive a card and are logged on file as they contributed to the NHS.
If you don't want to pay into the NHS you purchase your own insurance to receive medical help via the NHS or simply don't get any health care.

@96KBLGH answered…2mos

Yes, but offer a tax relief if private healthcare is purchased by the individual

@967CZQC answered…2mos

Yes but make sure only the people who pay into the system have free access to it

@965LYT7 answered…2mos

The NHS should be partly privatised with low income families paying less than higher income families

@95ZPR3S answered…2mos

Yes if it is funded by the government but managed properly, and it benefits everyone in the country.

@95YLM8H answered…2mos

Yes, private companies should not be able to make excessive profits off of healthcare

@94DQB43Labour answered…3mos

Have private heathcare for those who can afford it and NHS for those who cannot afford to pay for healthcare, this will cut down on NHS waiting lists

@94CNK6N answered…4mos

Yes but allow people to receive a rebate if using private health insurance because the NHS is unfit for purpose.

@9468SZ2 answered…4mos

Yes, however taxes should be lowered and everyone pays an annual excess fee instead.

@945K7TRLiberal Democrat answered…4mos

All health services should be nationalised, and should be free at the point of need.

@93W65BJConservative answered…5mos

The Government should fund Healthcare as they have a duty to safeguard the people who invest sovereignity into them. Private companies who are based in the UK and the Crown dependencies should also fund the NHS through a monthly wealth and profit tax as they have a duty of care for their employees under British law.

@93RLLFF answered…5mos

Yes, but allow private healthcare ina reas needed, like gender transition support

@937Y9VC answered…6mos

Yes basic health care should be available to all but perhaps a tiered system like Germany

@92SF4NW answered…7mos

People in a higher tax bracket should not be able to access free health care, or should be for lower income families

@92PDWLC answered…7mos

Abolish the current system in favour of replacing it with the Belgian model which provides free healthcare to all but works far better than our nationalised service.

@92C3V74 answered…8mos

@8YWMSFT answered…10mos

Yes but those who pay taxes should be allowed quicker appointments, those who contribute to society should be allowed to go ahead of those of don’t.

@8YV2VLS answered…10mos

Yes, but it should be means tested and people should be able to use private insurance.

@8XXMLNXUKIP answered…12mos

It should be free except for immigrants unless they have worked paid taxes and have no criminal records and are not in receipt of benefits and all immigrants should pay privately through insurance before entering the uk

@8WRYKMJLiberal Democrat answered…1yr

Help needs to be prioritised and not generalised. The government needs to hire more people to look at individual cases not as a whole.

@DAVIEBrexit Party answered…1yr

The question will be debated in a public health forum and voted on via Liquid Democracy.


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