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@8Y3DSKVLabour answered…11mos

They should help and save people but not promote and cause violence/chaos

@8XZLG8X answered…12mos

The country now being overrun it is better to pull troops out. However, American and British soldiers should’ve stayed to fight the taliban or at least aided those stranded there in danger.

@8XX66FJ answered…12mos

@8XR8DQ2 answered…12mos

No, the innocent people of Afghanistan seek comfort and safety from foreign soldiers. They have seen horrors me and you can only imagine due to the Taliban.

@8XR7PZ7 answered…12mos

Only those that are active duty, other should stay to keep the peace

@8XDZ862 answered…1yr

pull some but make sure they are fully equipped to deal with battle

@8XDWZZ4 answered…1yr

@8XDSGTC answered…1yr

No, and invest in it similar to the Marshall plan after WW2 in order to prevent extremism.

@8WMWZ5WConservative answered…1yr

No, not until every one is out of the country that wants to leave

@8WMFJ66 answered…1yr

they should but very gradually while also providing support along the way, we can’t just pull out cold turkey

@8WJPVM7Green answered…1yr

Yes - Including Afghani nationals who played an integral role in helping the UKs position

@8WJNM66 answered…1yr

Not until it is safe for the citizens of Afghanistan, and that there is no threat from the taliban

@8WJJ3NR answered…1yr

Yes until there is a new plan to prevent the Taliban from causing terror outside of their own country.

@8WDWQHS answered…1yr

No leave there to support the shift to taliban control. Better to be there to persuade than leave and be enemies

@8W53KRQ answered…1yr

A peacekeeping force should have been kept in the region like a police force

@8W34K6CCount Binface Party answered…1yr

Only after the Taliban and or other Exteremist groups have been rooted out. I also support a full support and reconigition for the Northern Alliance

@8VZNPP5 answered…1yr

Yes, but provide an open door for refugees and learn lessons from our initial intervention.

 @LeanneMae answered…1yr

We should have pulled out in 2011, right after Bin Laden was killed - this nation building exercise has been a disaster. You can't force and/or bomb a country into being democratic. It is up to the Afghani people to decide their own way forward, with our continued support - should they want it. However, the way Biden pulled out was absolutely appalling. We should have taken a much more measured attitude, he has literally just undone the last 20 years!

@DAVIEBrexit Party answered…1yr

It's already happened mostly, but referendum will happen for pulling military troops out of other countries.

@8VSFJM3 answered…1yr

@8VF3VMHLiberal Democrat answered…1yr

We should keep a small amount of soldiers there to help support the police

@8VC4GRZ answered…1yr

No we should not have entered in the first place but we should leave now we’re in

@8V6S5SBLabour answered…1yr

Afghanistan locals and visitors or tourists needs to be offered security, access to clean water food, health care, education and a chance for equality - if this is more likely to succeed with our help, then yes.

@8V5M796 answered…1yr

Only when the country has the stability to defend itself from extremist groups in the region.

@8V4GP4SConservative answered…1yr

Yes, and leave them to sort their own mess out. We’ve lost too many lives and too many Injuries the last 20 years. I’m a veteran with PTSD.

@8V3NFNJ answered…1yr

Afghanistan is not our country and we can't fight for it forever and the afghans have been trained to withstand it now they can do it or run

@8TZ5BPB answered…1yr

Once the situation is stable and the Afghan government, military, is free from corruption

@8TVPLCV answered…1yr

Yes, but they should also continue to support Afghan citizens who are at risk

@8TR34Y6Green answered…1yr

@8TP22C3 answered…1yr

Yes, but their should be a time limit and the time limit must be kept.