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Yes, only 7% of households in the UK have access to full-fiber broadband

@9847ML7Labour answered…1 day

Subsidise it. Invest in high quality broadband infrastructure to all homes.

@97YBZM9 answered…1wk

Internet is a utility and every home should have access, however like other utilities there should be a cost of service.

@97X9L2V answered…2wks

Yes, to an extent. Not all houses, but lower income ones that could not afford any form of broadband without government support.

@97VW7TZ answered…2wks

Broadband should be provided to all and discounted to those on lower incomes

@97SF4LC answered…2wks

Broadband should be a regulated essential utility with speed and price guarantees

@97QR8PK answered…3wks

People that work full time or have savings and investments should not get free broadband but people that are at the lower economic end should get free broadband

@97LLT8H answered…3wks

It should be offered for free for those on credit and those living below the poverty line

@976T3LB answered…4wks

Provide to all homes, not large businesses, only smaller businesses are deserving of it,

@96ZWVGCGreen answered…1mo

Internet should be a public utility with a basic level provided for free to all households with upgrades available for those who wish to pay. Businesses should have the choice to pay for internet or not, similar to water and refuse charges

@96YMZKQ answered…1mo

No but government should subsidise cost for rural access and to those economically excluded

@96SMX2C answered…1mo

Yes, but only targeted to those who a deemed to be in internet-poverty

@96RVJVH answered…1mo

@96QTMFV answered…1mo

They should further support rollout particularly in rural areas. And provide targeted subsidies in areas of statistical deprivation

@96QMSNWReclaim Party answered…1mo

No, the internet is a luxury but monthly bills should be reduced massively.

@96PSNF6 answered…1mo

Nationalise broadband to create an output driven service and subsidise broadband for this who are less able to afford it

@96PFBMP answered…1mo

@96KBLGH answered…2mos

No, but there should be a reduction for families who have lower incomes to ensure they have equal access.

@96JRDD8 answered…2mos

No as it will allow the government control over access to certain sites they may or may not agree with creating a means to censor people

@964HRWR answered…2mos

@96249G8 answered…2mos

No, but the government should garuntee quality Internet for all households

@95Y76NR answered…2mos

@95Y2DV8 answered…2mos

No but villages should have improved broadband services. It costs more for our broadband in the villages and the speed is not good

@95XKBQ6 answered…2mos

No but all homes should have access to broadband in the same sense as other utilities.

@95WPHGQ answered…2mos

No, but broadband companies should be regulated to prevent activities such as throttling.

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