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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...8yrs

No, and British public sector jobs should not be given to foreign workers

@97ZGC4ZLiberal Democrat answered…1 day

It should be a public service but the workers should also be granted autonomy to strike for better pay and conditions if they wish to

@97YWJJ3 answered…3 days

They should still have strikes b ur not on weekends and they should get more paid

@97Y9CGC answered…5 days

@97Y98TB answered…5 days

It is an essential service however they should have the right to protest

@97XCYR7 answered…7 days

No, but votes should be an actual majority not a voting majority.

@97WS422 answered…1wk

Although the transport industry does have an important and essential part to play in Britain, everyone deserves the right to strike.

@97WKPHR answered…1wk

the pay needs to be better but people going on strike stops others from getting to work

@97WK36B answered…1wk

@97TMP4J answered…1wk

It should be considered an essential service, but the workers have rights that should be listened to by the government such as higher pay.

@97TC8QZfrom Georgia  answered…2wks

There should be a bureau which handles the grievances of essential service workers.

@97T839L answered…2wks

@97SF49P answered…2wks

Need to limit the use of categories of service which ban strike as this has implications for freedom and democracy. The issue is that some individuals who work in essential services like the health service specifically accident and emergency and critical illness availability of the underground is a must to get to work

@97SF2J9 answered…2wks

Yes, but it should be much fairer to its workers; if they are treated and paid properly, it would dissuade them from striking

@97SDTJ7 answered…2wks

Yes but workers should be treated more fairly in order to prevent strikes

@97R7RRF answered…2wks

I think they should be allowed to strike although the strike timings should be restricted and mire notice given

@97R7QHJAnimal Welfare Party answered…2wks

Yes because people need it to get to work but the workers should get paid more

@97QL7JN answered…2wks

The London Underground IS an essential service - but - that does not take away from the fact that Strikes are an essential party of Worker's Rights

@97QBJG9 answered…2wks

@97Q6W9RLabour answered…2wks

Pay the staff a fair wage then there would be no need for strikes

@97PXSY5 answered…2wks

Yes, but there should be active effort to improve the work environment and clarity between employer and employee

@97PFJCF answered…2wks

@97P7D4V answered…2wks

Yes, but the workers should be given a higher wage in order to stop work strikes.

@97N7BSB answered…2wks

You can't force people not to strike, even if they are an essential service.

@97LYJQ6 answered…2wks

@97LR76W answered…2wks

no every worker has the right to strike and all evidence for the strike must be copied and sent to a court for evidence for either the workers or companies sake.

@97LLBH7 answered…3wks

I think it is an essential service but that the workers deserve fair pay in accordance with that

@97JKQYR answered…3wks

It should be an essential service but they should still have the right to strike

@97JB6WS answered…3wks

It should be seen as an essential service but not ban all future worker strikes

@97HVX6S answered…3wks

This should be classed as an essential service however the wage should be raised to a level staff are happy with.

@97GVX3QLabour answered…3wks

@97GTGR3 answered…3wks

it should be considered an essential service, so the government should support them better so they have less need to strike

@97GT6TL answered…3wks


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