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people work hard and just because some people wont put the work in to get rich therefore why should we raise taxes if someone is doing well in life

@96YZ6XFLabour answered…4wks

It should be more than 50%. £150,000 is several times more than most people earn. It is fair that income over £150,000 be taxed at a good 70%. We need an urgent return to a more progessive tax system like the one we had during the post-war consensus.

@96TBM6NCount Binface Party answered…1mo

No, but there should be more tax brackets for people earning over £150,000.

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No, the top rate of income tax should be on a flexible scale to account for inflation and real wages.

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Add another tax bracket for those who earn more and tax them more

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There should be additional higher tax rates added. The top rate should be above 500,000 and there should rates at 200,000 and 325,000

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No, but introduce a further higher earning limit where increased taxation applies

@96DL2H9 answered…2mos

No but maybe it should be raised to 50% to those who earn £200,000 - £300,000 plus should be taxed 50%

@95ZJN5DConservative answered…2mos

No, £150,000 is too little to impose a 50% tax rate. Those who make over £1,000,000 may be considered for this new tax bracket.

@95TMFYK answered…2mos

Yes, but raise taxes for the rich rather then the working classes

@95J3ND8Labour answered…2mos

Combine NI and income tax rates to show a true tax rate. That should be 50% at the top.

@957JP8X answered…3mos

150,000 a year is not a lot, but I believe there should be more tiers for higher earners


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