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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...8yrs

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...8yrs

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...8yrs

@97C6N6D answered…1mo

All UK nations should have home rule, with legislation affecting their own territories.

@96SMGRP answered…2mos

On my opinion England is like the middle and the power and they should have the right to vote because they’re part of the United Kingdom to not only England.

@96Q59LV answered…2mos

Scottish independence or a true federal system where Scotland controls 100% of it's affairs.

@93QTGYX answered…5mos

Yes but devolved bodies should be given less power to ensure parliamentary laws are followed across the entire nation

@93GT7XN answered…6mos

Yes but reduce the power of devolved parliaments to give the UK parliament more power

@93CWHDX answered…6mos

If England votes on Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish issues then the same should happen in return

@92KVTKQ answered…7mos

The premise of question is flawed. Since we are UNITED Kingdom, decisions affecting one region affect all others, whether directly or indirectly.

@4SNPK4B answered…8mos

Ideally the UK would break up entirely, then we wouldn’t have this problem.

@8ZJ5BGGCount Binface Party answered…9mos

England should be given its own parliament so this problem does not exist

@8Z7QCN5Scottish Green answered…10mos

Each country should be independent or allowed to form the terms of their involvement in the UK.

@8YB7YWR answered…11mos

MPs from all countries should be able to vote on any legislation put before the UK Parliament. However a devolved English parliament should be created to for to address issues and legislation relevant to England only.

@8Y8QMNJ answered…11mos

Yes, if there is no chance that it could have implications on other areas of the United Kingdom, or is a fully internal English matter, such as new covid curbs for England only.

@8Y3PD36 answered…12mos

No, and all the constitutent nations of the UK should be independent of one another.

@8XT95FL answered…1yr

Yes but they should practice restraint on voting on such issues unless they believe it directly affects their constituency

@8XN9JRTConservative answered…1yr

Reform the whole UK so that Cities and Counties are the primary devolved government level.

@8XL66VV answered…1yr

No, abolish national devolution and replace with county devolution.

@8WJPVM7Green answered…1yr

Engalnd inclhded should not be allowed to vote on issues that don't impact their country

@8W79H39 answered…1yr

No, and the same should be likewise for English MPs regarding Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland

@8VZNPP5 answered…1yr

I don't have enough information to be able to opine on the impact here. Probably "no".

@DAVIEBrexit Party answered…1yr

There would be no need to establish it under Liquid Democracy as devolved assemblies would eventually collapse due to a new democratic order made by the people.

@DAVIEBrexit Party answered…1yr

No, there would be no need to establish it under Liquid Democracy as devolved assemblies would eventually collapse due to a new democratic order made by the people.

@8V8VTMY answered…1yr

No, if England has a devolved parliament to pass its legislation itself

@8TTXBF6 answered…1yr

Not in the current system. Either return to centralism or complete the process of federalization.

@8TLYBBB answered…1yr

Reform the UK into a federal system, which also recognizes the rightful sovereignty of the Cornish.

@8THGCXGLabour answered…1yr

Allow Scotland an independence referendum and make UK a more federal structure.

@8TG49FS answered…1yr

The Government should be Replaced with a Democratic Theocracy Run by the Church of England for the Glory and Service of almighty God.


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