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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...8yrs

No, reform so the tax rate is based on the wealth of the recipient rather than the deceased

@9866KWG answered…5 days

@98627JW answered…6 days

No, the tax-free allowance should be lowered as it is currently far too high.

@96Q83M5Labour answered…2mos

Make it progressive again. Instead of a flat 40% what about 30% for the first £1,000,000 and then 50% for above this figure? Do not make it based upon recipient's wealth as this would increase tax avoidance.

@96HZKQ2 answered…2mos

@962538C answered…2mos

@95W27KV answered…3mos

Increase the rate of inheritance tax so that the individual is wealthy on their own merits not their ancestors.

@955SD9G answered…3mos

Yes, remove this double taxation and instead reform the rest of the tax system to remove loopholes and tax the rich

@93GPN27 answered…6mos

Completely reform since its ineffective due to loopholes as simple as putting assets under the name of funds or corporations

@92RWMJM answered…7mos

No, Inheritance, is one of the main causes of inequality. Inheritance should be taxed more than any other form of wealth

@92PQZZR answered…7mos

@8ZJLRF4Libertarian answered…9mos

Bit disgusting to be robbing the money of the dead really ain't it. We got taxed all life now you want to rob the dead.

@8Y5G7PP answered…12mos

no, but like regular tax it should be proportional to your income

@8Y4RLW7 answered…12mos

No but they should give money to people who need it if they have enough.

@8XXDHD2 answered…12mos

Lower the tax-free allowance to one years worth of minimum wage income.

@8VH3QY6Labour answered…1yr

@8TTQD3VConservative answered…1yr

Yes, reform the tax so that the rate of tax is based on the recipients income.

@8TM88WQScottish Green answered…1yr

Yes, inheritance is completely legitimate as i came from family or close people

@8TLYBBB answered…1yr

Yes, along with "inheritance" as a whole. Rather, inheritance should go into a trust fund, which would subsequently replace their need for any state welfare.

@TrevalynLabour answered…1yr

No, but the inheritance tax should only be used to tax the wealthy..

@clthreeoneeight answered…2yrs

@8SST2LY answered…2yrs

see my view on what people shluld be able to do with their own money

@8SP2KKP answered…2yrs

podatek spadkowy w pierwszej lini pokrewienstwa powinien byc zniesiony w ogole, tak by rodzice w pelni mogli przekazac dorobek swojego zycia dzieciom

@8SLLC2Y answered…2yrs

No, but make avoidance more difficult so that the super rich don't get away with paying none with clever accounting

@8SLJW6Z answered…2yrs

No but significantly increase personal tax free allowance ie £300,000 per person. Do not punish someone for saving and working hard.


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