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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...8yrs

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...8yrs

@5534JYNfrom Wigan  answered…2yrs

Good citizenship should be part of the national curriculum by law. Where this proves inadequate, troublemakers, especially persistent ones, should be sent to secure re'education centres where they will be subject to a 'carrot and stick' type of system.

@97ZSBF9 answered…2wks

@97ZB3VG answered…2wks

As a concept, but they are too often misused against people of colour

@97NTF6S answered…4wks

only if the person who is doing it has been repeatedly antisocial

@97NPSWW answered…4wks

@97H42KX answered…1mo

Introduce programs to help people avoid behaviour that would be considered antisocial behaviour instead of punishing people.

@96Z9RXK answered…1mo

Yes, but make ASBO measures preventative not punitive. Preventing anti-social behaviour works better than punishing it.

@96T6RPX answered…2mos

Only if work is done with the individual to prevent further behavior

@96Q83M5Labour answered…2mos

Only if the alleged offender is wholly aware of their right to go to court if they reject this settlement

@96KSD8T answered…2mos

No, as illegal behavior should be treated as such; non-illegal behavior should not be governed.

@95Z3VH8 answered…2mos

Yes rules should be in place but there should be education and reform in place not just fines and punishment

@95KGML9 answered…3mos

@95DGGLCConservative answered…3mos

Yes, but narrow down the amount of offences that are covered by asbo's.

@95CDBQH answered…3mos

No, ASBOs are often given out with no good reason and on a stereotypical basis.

@94DJM3F answered…4mos

@9494Y3K answered…4mos

No, invest more into programmes and services that address the root causes of crime

@947WMG7 answered…4mos

only in the most extereme of circumstances eg when there is a possibility that people could be harmed by others or themselves

@945K7TRLiberal Democrat answered…4mos

Early intervention and prevention is the more effective approach for reducing criminal behaviour.

@93Y79MFLabour answered…5mos

No, and shift the current funding in this area into education and activities for young people to prevent them turning to this behaviour

@93XD6XS answered…5mos

No, commuinty service is a more productive and rehabilitative punishment.

@93V3YSK answered…5mos

Yes, but remove harmless behaviours like begging and loitering from being defined as antisocial.

@93SH3D2 answered…5mos

@93RMBW3 answered…5mos

Yes, but provide support to encourage people towards prosocial behaviours, instead of just penalties


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