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Free school meals should be offered to students from low-income families.

@9865NSLLabour answered…18hrs

Yes but only low-income children and they must meet high nutritional standards

@9858SZCLabour answered…3 days

Not all students, only those that prove they are in financial need

@984RJ67 answered…3 days

We should provide a hot meal for all students in school no matter the age as they are our future. Prisoners get 3 square meals a day provided.

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@983T97N answered…5 days

free to those who's families income isnt high enough to provide meals for them.

@983DJ3H answered…5 days

The poor shouldn’t have to pay, but if your family earns more than £40,000 a year, then no.

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@97ZBMB3 answered…1wk

Spend limit for all children in schools - Enough for a meal and drink - when I was in school I had £1.50 a day and other kids spent upwards of £5 a day and a couldn't get a drink and forced to use a fountain. This destroyed my confidence and image of myself

@97Y9CGC answered…2wks

if you can afford it then buy it. but still reduce the price since people pay for ingredients for a packed lunch so if its free people take advantage

@97XJPCF answered…2wks

All school students should get free meals. Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

@97XHJLTLibertarian answered…2wks

Yes, but only if the parent is unable to afford food for their child.

@97XC9FL answered…2wks

I think the range of people that it applies to should be severely increased

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@97TMV7F answered…3wks

the cost of living crisis is major in the UK and is affecting many families this would lift stress upon parents


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