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Yes, and every capable person claiming benefits should take on unpaid community work

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...8yrs

@96S46R4Social Democratic answered…2mos

You should only receive benefits after having worked and paid taxes.

@96J2LCH answered…2mos

No, every capable person claiming benefits should look for a job instead

@964HRWR answered…2mos

No, they should be offered paid work instead of benefits (if able-bodied)

@95ZPR3S answered…2mos

I believe in an incentive where those who are more than capable of working but choose not to, should be made to do work unpaid in the community until they find a job. I also believe they should receive more help in trying to find work because of this.

@95YXP4N answered…2mos

If they volunteer over a certain amount of hours they should be paid.

@95KGML9 answered…3mos

@946BL2K answered…4mos

No, A Universal Basic Income should be established so as to not be disincentive to employment, unlike the current Universal Credit

@93RLLFF answered…5mos

No. However, voluntary or community work should be allowed as a full alternative to paid work. Anyone who works for no pay should be allowed to claim full universal income without being harrased to find a job

@93K5XCDGreen answered…6mos

Yes, only for job seekers allowance. Not for benefits related to health and disability.

@93GT7XN answered…6mos

Yes but only until they have found a job and continue to offer benefits until they no longer need them

@93GMFY7 answered…6mos

No, as this may lock out those with medical reasons for benefits from earning money

@93576NL answered…7mos

Yes, but lower the 30hr minimum to allow more time to look for a job and halt benefits once they are on a stable income

@92S5Y8X answered…7mos

No, but it should be a condition of benefit receipt after 18 months

@92CN59C answered…8mos

No, they should be supported in finding a job whether this be through job centres or providing child care during interviews etc.

@926FR3YLabour answered…8mos

No, but with a scheme available to use community work to help increase job seeking potential.

@8ZZTPFG answered…8mos

Yea, they should. It will help them develop skills that will make them more marketable for the workforce

@8YXX52M answered…10mos

@8YMV9DS answered…11mos

Yes, but lower the 30hr minimum and take circumstances into account(If they can’t work they should still receive the benefits they need)

@8YG8B43 answered…11mos

Yes but only afther 1 year and they most all be give a path way into education

@8Y468XY answered…12mos

@8WW7JWK answered…1yr

Yes but after 3 months and lower to 30hr min to allow more time to look for a job

@8KP69JZ answered…2yrs

@8KJS969 answered…2yrs

I would personally increase the age threshold from 18-23, who should take unpaid voluntary work in order to get financial assistance for rent and other such situations.

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