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Yes, but members of these parties must adorn their suits with patches bearing the logo of the donating corporation, with bigger patches for bigger donations.

@97TP4YT answered…3wks

Yes but this information should be publicly available so we can all see how much and from who our political parties are getting their funding from

@97LL6ZQLiberal Democrat answered…1mo

No but its impossible to prevent them campaigning so an independent authority must limit and regulate them. Additionally a public broadcaster must have a core system for distribution of all campaigns (anything not released there (or delayed in release) should be considered abuse)

@96RFV7S answered…2mos

Unions and non profits are the voice and feelings of the people and therefore should be the only ones entitled, not corporations

@96R8WKM answered…2mos

Yes, but not corporations and all organisations should be fully transparent about their interests and any discussions minuted and documented for public review.

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@96BBM9N answered…2mos

I'd prefer funding to be more grassroots instead of corporations and unions and I'd respect the mainstream party that commits to it more; although it is unlikely to happen.

@948C72CLiberal Democrat answered…4mos

Political campaigns should be funded from a public purse with traditional funders (eg. Corporations, Unions) mandated to share a proportion of income or profits to maintain the system.

@946872J answered…4mos

No, but they should be able to donate to individual candidates rather than the party, eg, supporting LGBT+ candidates.

@945K7TRLiberal Democrat answered…4mos

If their donations (and the purpose of those donations) are made public, and there is a cap on the amount that can be donated to political parties, in relation to purpose,

@93Y7PML answered…5mos

Yes but the donations have to be disclosed to the public in manifestos and party political broadcasts.

@93VGXT3 answered…5mos

No, all political party funding should be state funded and equal for all parties, all of which must stand in every region of the country in order to qualify

@93QGWBZ answered…5mos

Yes and politicians should be required to make that information known to the public.

@93JVVCV answered…6mos

The state should equally fund or fund proportionally political parties.

@92XPV37 answered…7mos

Yes, but all donors must be announced publicly if they are over a threshold amount.

@92LWTB7 answered…7mos

Yes, mainly because public funding would be widely unpopular. Limits should apply to donations.

@92GSLQL answered…8mos

No, it enables and facilitates the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie, but allow donations from the unions as they are the expression of the organised proletariat.

@8ZZDZJ8Liberal Democrat answered…8mos

Allow contributions from public-subscription organisations such as non-profits and unions, not corporations

@8ZNL4RH answered…9mos

Yes but which companies donate and the amount donated should be publicly announced

@8ZKKW6J answered…9mos

Yes but this should be available as public information and should not influence political parties

@8Z736C4 answered…10mos

No, but if is to continue, make it mandatory that all donations are made public, with serious ramifications if this is bypassed.

@8YWM8DT answered…10mos

Yes but with greater transparency and with a statement of WHY the donation is being made

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@8YG7WN8 answered…11mos

All monies given bring influence; whomever donates should be publicly-known and their political affiliation, etc. also dispersed and highlighted to as many people as possible so as to maximise transparency.

@8YG2HWH answered…11mos

Yes, as long as the donator and donated money is publicly available information.


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