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 @9PB5SDS answered…9hrs9H

I think instead on focuses on teaching critical race theory instead weave the histories and narratives of other cultures…

 @9PB2CCJ answered…10hrs10H

No but a honest account on British history should be taught and conversations about race and discrimination should be en…

 @9P9XP7W answered…11hrs11H

Focus on education of racism, its effects throughout British History and why it is a negative thing.

 @9P9THFQ answered…13hrs13H

This is a very US based question for a UK election - although bias based on race is important here priviledge and prejud…

 @9P9NK6T answered…15hrs15H

Yes and add all other biases but lean in to the historical element and teach how we’re evolving and changing over time w…

 @9P9GY5X answered…18hrs18H

It does not have to be a part of core curriculum and teaching children to ignore race should be priority. However, it sh…

 @9P9CWP6 answered…20hrs20H

Yes, but this should also include opportunities to evaluate and understand the historical context of it and should never…