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 @9PBFQDW answered…6hrs6H

Too much grey area in this question. Again, can be used as a weapon of control rather than being used for these purposes…

 @9PB9QRK answered…7hrs7H

Only if the Police have reasonable evidence to suspect someone of committing or planning a major crime.

 @9P9VRV3 answered…12hrs12H

Yes, but ensure it does not lead to increased government surveillance, and infringe on individual freedoms.

 @9P9SCDF answered…13hrs13H

The government should not have the right to actively monitor its citizens without due cause. However, law enforcement an…

 @9P9PZMK answered…15hrs15H

Yes but it should only be accessed in the case of major crimes/investigations with the consent of everyone involved

 @9P9PFJQ answered…15hrs15H

Yes, but only if security of public information is given top protection from cyber attacks that could access the informa…

 @9P9HLXL answered…18hrs18H

We already have national systems of identity, a driving licence or passport are not just nationally recognised. However,…

 @9P9HBCR answered…18hrs18H

Yes, providing the data can be only be accessed by an authorised regulated persons and only the data pertinent to a crim…