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 @MindToucan from Arizona submitted…1 day1D

Sweden says Russian military jet violated airspace


 @SwingStateTunafrom Washington  submitted…1 day1D

US to temporarily remove aid pier from Gaza coast due to bad weather


 @ISIDEWITH submitted…12hrs12H

UK polls point to 'electoral extinction' for Conservatives


 @UnityBart from Missouri submitted…12hrs12H

Police Shoot Ax-Wielding Man Before Euro 2024 Match in Germany


 @ISIDEWITH submitted…13hrs13H

8 Israeli soldiers killed in Rafah blast


 @ISIDEWITH submitted…14hrs14H

Trump warns illegal immigration harming black, Hispanic voters


 @ISIDEWITH submitted…3 days3D

Counterfeit Chinese Titanium Used In Boeing and Airbus Jets


 @HumorousFerret from Illinois submitted…1 day1D

Soccer’s Governing Body Will Vote On Palestinian Call to Bar Israel


 @BudgetBillEliana from Minnesota submitted…2 days2D

Putin lays terms for ceasefire in Ukraine


 @TalentedC4mpaignfrom Maine  submitted…3 days3D

Solar Power’s Giants Are Providing More Energy Than Big Oil


 @ISIDEWITH submitted…2 days2D

Democrats Plan Boycott Of Netanyahu's D.C. Speech


 @ISIDEWITH submitted…2 days2D

Supreme Court rules gun 'bump stocks' ban is unlawful


 @ISIDEWITH submitted…2 days2D

Crypto Could Stave Off a U.S. Debt Crisis