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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...6yrs

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...7yrs

@982HKYS answered…6 days

More but ensuring the companies taking over are in it for the correct reasons. Not profit.

@97Z5LTG answered…1wk

Less privatisation but improve efficiency, service quality and value for money

@97Z493L answered…2wks

NHS requires business savvy managing directors running hospitals and consultants need to work for NHS first, private work must be secondary

@97Y3P3W answered…2wks

More, but only to reduce waiting times and increase economic growth

@97Y3MTZ answered…2wks

@97XX73X answered…2wks

More, but the government should improve the quality of public hospital and healthcare services.

@97TJDK6 answered…3wks

It is good to have some specialized hospitals private, however for general healthcare it should be done by the NHS

@97SF49P answered…3wks

I don,t understand the difference between the previous question for NHS and this one.Need to understand what constitutes the NHS, hospitals and healthcare systems

@97Q4J7Tfrom Colorado  answered…3wks

The government should subsidize hospitals, maybe different rooms at different rates.

@97MM2VW answered…4wks

Those who can afford to pay something towards healthcare should but on a banded income basis.

@97LL6ZQLiberal Democrat answered…4wks

Less as healthcare is a natural monopoly and as such should be state administrated, however private health care alternatives should be accessible and regulated through the state system. Starving the beast must be avoided and reduced.

@97K667M answered…4wks

Allow local authorities to give up half of NHS shares contractually to listed approved companies but NHS must retain 50% and the local authority/company the rest.

@97F4TPZ answered…4wks

Whoever is best placed should provide the care with appropriate funding.

@97CPZ9F answered…4wks

Free NHS healthcare, unless it’s something like diabetes 2 where you’ve chosen that lifestyle (not diabetes 1)

@978KZGCLibertarian answered…1mo

More, privatise the health industry except emergency care and have the welfare state aid in insurance costs

@9757J8K answered…1mo

The health service needs to be better managed. People with self afflicted injuries as a result of drug/alcohol or sheer stupidity should be charged. People who’ve never contributed to National Insurance should not be entitled to free health care and should also be charged.

@9757DBN answered…1mo

Kept the same, however the NHS should live up to its expectations and standards

@9749SPCLabour answered…1mo

More, but there should be some sort of funding in terms of social class.

@973PCF4 answered…1mo

I think if privatisation were "not for profit" that could be effective.

@973KNDD answered…1mo

@9722TTX answered…1mo

Less but some healthcare services should be available to be paid for a some people maybe would feel as though they get more out of that kind of thing.

@96ZDZXJ answered…1mo

Both less to provide more government funding and less that there is no privatization of the healthcare industry at all.

@96RVM6WConservative answered…1mo

Non emergency medical attention should incur a slight charge and wasting medical and ambulances should incur a charge


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