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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...7yrs

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...7yrs

@4Y254FYfrom Bristol, City of  answered…2yrs

@987VTLJ answered…3 days

Yes but only if their offence isn't too serious (such as GBH). However, cases such as: murder, sexual assault, kidnapping and extreme violence should not be allowed.

@987GFPC answered…4 days

Depends how bad the crime was they done but everyone needs to be heard

@986JRPQ answered…5 days

No, if they are in prison but if they have been released then yes

@9868V6M answered…5 days

@985C5RWLabour answered…1wk

Yes but if it was made clear that crime led to not being able to vote for your prison term, this might be reasonable

@983PDB9 answered…1wk

depends on the crime theyve commited. E.g murder no, if theft, yes

@97ZGC4ZLiberal Democrat answered…2wks

Yes, however, it should be dependent upon the crime committed and they should be able to while serving a sentence, be it in prison, house arrest or probation

@97Z4657 answered…2wks

Yes, but crimes related to voter fraud should result in the right to vote to be taken away from the criminal.

@97YD984 answered…3wks

Yes, if the criminal will be released before the next general election

@97XRBNJ answered…3wks

If they show the maturity and dignity with logical reasoning for why they want to vote then yes

@97XCYR7 answered…3wks

Yes, unless the crime committed is and actual of trying to over through the state.

@97X43YV answered…3wks

as long as they haven’t been in a gang or have done crimes that hurt the country

@97VLFJ4 answered…3wks

Yes, except for felons convicted of murder and violent crimes. Other criminals should be able to vote after completing sentences and parole.

@97SQC9W answered…3wks

yes but not if they have committed severe crimes which have caused harm to many other life’s such as terrorism or serial killers

@97SFMD2 answered…4wks

After completing their sentences and parole/probation, until convicted. Currently Guilty Criminals should get half a vote

@97RJ3BH answered…4wks

Yes unless they were convinced of terrorism or crimes linked to nationalism / fascism / extremism.

@97PFDV2 answered…4wks

yes but only if they haven't commited crimes like murder and rape

@97P4HXY answered…4wks

after they serve time for minor offenses they should be able to vote, given they also dont have any major underlying issues influencing them

@97N9TM3 answered…4wks

only for those who have committed lower crimes i.e theft, speeding, etc

@97LYX24 answered…1mo

@97LLKY5 answered…1mo

Yes,if they have completed their sentence and haven't done anything for a good while now

@97JVMCY answered…1mo

Yes but these votes should be considered a different type of vote and holds a lower value

@97BNH95 answered…1mo

If the government will be in power by the time they leave prison.

@97874XVfrom Arizona  answered…1mo


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