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@9866KWG answered…13hrs

Yes, and so should the House of Commons along with the rest of the government

@98583BN answered…3 days

No, but it should have no hereditary peers, bishops etc. The Lords should be a meritocracy protortionately appointed by politicians in the commons

@984CCL9from Seoul-t'ukpyolsi  answered…4 days

@982Y5Y4 answered…6 days

@97ZMKPL answered…1wk

Yes it should be replaced with a new chamber where it’s members are democratically elected.

@97ZCLRJ answered…1wk

Yes, but only if a more appropriate alternative can be provided that would not increase political partisanship

@97ZBRP6 answered…1wk

Make it democratically elected using the PR voting system and introduce the STV voting system for general elections (to maintain local representation)

@97YVKHX answered…2wks

Yes, but replace it with a body that gives devolved assemblies and mayoralties a voice

@97YT3TT answered…2wks

Replace it with experts in their fields only as allow them to advise and make tweaks to bills.

@97XCYR7 answered…2wks

No, but reform it by cutting back on the number of Lords, abolishing bishops from sitting, and adding a mandatory retirement age.

@97X8JB3 answered…2wks

@97WRYLXLabour answered…2wks

No, but focus should be shifted towards hiring talented, experienced professionals (e.g. ex doctors, teachers, and police officers) who can provide valuable insight into these areas to help aid the government.

@97WKCK4 answered…2wks

No, for it is an extra measure of scrutiny, but it is undemocratic.

@97TC8QZfrom Georgia  answered…3wks

They should be elected and appointed in the democratic process like the House of Commons.

@97T73XG answered…3wks

Abolish hereditary lords. Bring in experts in various fields. Science art economics etc.

@97RPGDR answered…3wks

The House of Lords should be an upper house democratically elected by the people like the the Senate of the United States of America

@97QP3KQ answered…3wks

No, it forms an important check on the government but does need significant reform.

@97Q9M56 answered…3wks

Should be democratically elected through a proportional electoral system

@97N838KLiberal Democrat answered…4wks

It should be reformed into an upper chamber with elected representatives, using a fairer voting system like alternative voting.

@97LL6ZQLiberal Democrat answered…4wks

It should be replaced with a guild hall which also replaces unions undue influence on politics and unions must be reduced in political influence. The guild membership must be franchised without the need to pay or be forced into political agendas.

@97KTLVK answered…4wks

No. It should be reformed with seats allocated on proportional representation.

@97FHFV4Liberal Democrat answered…4wks

No; make it an elected body instead, also proportional representation.

@97C6N6D answered…4wks

@97BCBT9 answered…4wks

Changed to be only people's peers chosen by an independent board all hereditary peers abolished

@978LSKB answered…1mo

@976TK7WGreen answered…1mo

No, but it should be massively downsized and made more democratic

@97368VY answered…1mo

No, it is necessary to moderate the House of Commons at times, but eligibility to sit in the House of Lords should be restricted to individuals having appropriate background and knowledge to perform this duty.


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