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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...5yrs

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...5yrs

Yes, but only if there is proof someone died from the drugs they trafficked

@986ZT75from Michigan  answered…4 days

@986JHV9 answered…4 days

Legalise some drugs for safe recreational use and remove illegal suppliers

@985DVDY answered…1wk

Tag them and allocate useful labour work i.e. in fieldwork, road or building construction. Their contribution to society instead of locked up for hours on end

@984NGTC answered…1wk

No, but a review of current drug regulation and reform is required.

@98243CW answered…2wks

Yes but onlu if they are repeated offenders and there is substantial evidence someone died from the drugs they trafficked.

@97WM2JY answered…3wks

This would entirely depend on the Drug, as some people's lives are ruined due to dealing with lower grade drugs, so this sentence would depend entirely on what is being trafficked I believe.

@97VLMPZ answered…3wks

I strongly believe drug traffickers should receive harsher punishments as I think they are a major problem in todays society and a bad influence on the younger generation. Answering the question I think in certain circumstances a death penalty should be brought but only as a last resort.

@97QR7BLfrom Maine  answered…4wks

Only if there is very strong evidence that 10 or more people have died from the drugs they have trafficked.

@97PFDRV answered…4wks

no, sentence their life in prison. but if the drugs they gave to people killed over 100 people then death penalty

@97LR76W answered…1mo

depending on the drug trafficker if they do it repeatedly and are involved in multiple other crimes yeah do it

@97GT6TL answered…1mo

@97C9YSS answered…1mo

Not as simple as a yes or no answer, depends on the situation in which the trafficker was convicted.

@9799GD7 answered…1mo

Yes but only if they were dealing drugs on a major scale internationally and many people died from their actions.

@96Z76TRfrom Florida  answered…1mo

Yes, if anyone had been killed during their transfer of the drugs. Other than that prison time for the schedule drug they sold and if it was more dangerous higher times.

@96T8LRC answered…2mos

What about drug companies which are still allowed to operate and sell drugs, which are responsible for killing plenty of people too, if we are to give drug traffickers the death penalty, then those pharmaceutical companies at fault for killing negligently/knowingly should also face the death penalty in the same way.

@96T6Z4H answered…2mos

No, none should recive death as punishment unless a life or more has been taken by them.

@96QYCP7 answered…2mos

They should be punished with jail or other very harsh punishment. They are useless they don’t know to do anything but do violence, be in a gang, be “the tough boss” and end lace others.

@96NT5F4Liberal Democrat answered…2mos

No, legalise and manage drugs and remove black market traffickers

@96NNYSSGreen answered…2mos

@96NMD8C answered…2mos

Drugs should be legalised but be controlled by the government for more money via taxes and safer drugs for those who use them.

@96NJB62 answered…2mos

It depends on the classification of drugs. In my opinion a lot of drugs should be reclassified or made legal.

@96NF9GD answered…2mos

No, they need to be trained in other areas where they can hone their trafficking skills in a way that benefits the community.

@96LWYBX answered…2mos

Rehab...and long tagging systems...or insert chips....longer prison systems not life


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