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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...9yrs

@989WSYL answered…3hrs

@989VTXJConservative answered…4hrs

The NHS framework needs to be changed - we cannot provide everything to everybody

@989GPL7Women's Equality Party answered…14hrs

Less privatisation but Increase the pay and quality of health care workers

@988XSSK answered…1 day

Neither. The NHS is already an amalgam of public and private services.

@988XCXZ answered…1 day

The NHS should be broken up and the UK should move to a social insurance model like that of France or Germany.

@988C2NM answered…2 days

Less, it should only be privatised where it can relieve the NHS and increase quality whilst resourcing costs for the NHS

@9885286 answered…3 days

Less. However maybe have a 2-tier system like Australia where those that can afford it have insurance and those that can't still have the NHS?
Emergency treatment and certain other treatments e.g. cancer treatments should always be free at point of treatment however (paid for by taxes), as cancer treatments especially can run into the 100s of 1000s.
I think social care, dentistry and opticians should be the same.

@9884NC6 answered…3 days

If it is something that you can not help then it should be free but you should pay for some things

@987VTLJ answered…3 days

More availability of NHS appointments, more training, more funding for the NHS and better pay for NHS staff is needed rather than privatising it.

@986Y7NGConservative answered…4 days

Privatise all of it barring A and E, maternity and services for children. 18+ should have a health insurance

@986P9KY answered…4 days

@9866KWG answered…5 days

Less, and make all health services publicly owned, rather than state of privately owned

@985QY9J answered…1wk

No opinion. Free healthcare is useful, but privitising may help with costs.

@985DVDY answered…1wk

Definitely less privatisation and impose a cost to foreign visitors like they do in other countries. Also immigrants that have resided in UK for less than 5 years who haven't contributed towards UK healthcare

@985BQP9 answered…1wk

More, but only where services provided are purely cosmetic and not related to physical or mental wellbeing

@984NGTC answered…1wk

Less, but a complete restructure of management and waste is needed urgently.

@984DQG9 answered…1wk

Quality needs to be increased and waiting lists and costs reduced.

@983DZZ5 answered…1wk

Less everyone should have free health care and we should give them more percentage of the tax we pay

@982V4Q7 answered…2wks

The NHS requires maximum government support but also private help too.

@97ZTSKT answered…2wks

The NHS should be given the ability to determine wether someone is abusing the NHS and wasting perfectly good time and resources such as ambulance call outs and A&E bluffs

@97XX73X answered…3wks

More, but the government should do more to improve healthcare service quality in the UK.

@97X43YV answered…3wks

only until the nhs recovers, still offer care but think of a plan tempuarily

@97VLMPZ answered…3wks

I think it is fine how it is but i do think it needs a bit of shake up.

@97SF49P answered…4wks

I don,t know what proportion of privatisation is currently used for if it’s increases quality and reduces costs then yes

@97R7ZF4 answered…4wks

I don’t think that there should be more or less privatisation of the NHS but i think it is important for people who can afford private health care to access it and to not take up free health care from those who really need it

@97QR7BLfrom Maine  answered…4wks

There should be more privatisation of the NHS, but with government subsidies for low-income individuals.

@97Q75F7 answered…4wks

Private firms take over but government give subsidies as private firms usually have better knowledge about the market.

@97Q6C4X answered…4wks

@97Q4J7Tfrom Colorado  answered…4wks

The government should run not just insurance but it should focus more on the healthcare that it is insuring.


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