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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...9yrs

No, first offence should result in a mandatory rehabilitation program, further offences result in jailtime

@9866KWG answered…12hrs

@982MF94 answered…6 days

They should be given help. Only go to prison if they hurt someone because of the drug

@97YSRL3 answered…2wks

@95PH9GH answered…2mos

No addiction is a disease not a crime, rehabilitation is the only option for nonviolent drug offenders

@9494Y3K answered…4mos

No, we should decriminalise and regulate the sale and use of all drugs

@93QTGYX answered…5mos

@92DCHHG answered…8mos

I agree with the three strikes policy but implement tougher sentences for all drug users and dealers

@925GP38 answered…8mos

Decriminalisation is the way forward. With harmful substances made by humans from cocaine to all heroine based medication or as you call them prescription or opioids. To be phased out and replaced with cannabis pain management, considering it has zero deaths attributed to it.

@8WJ2Y76 answered…1yr

No, but fines and time spent in rehabilitation programs should be increased the more offences done

@DAVIEBrexit Party answered…1yr

The people would be asked and the issue would be voted on via Liquid Democracy.

@8PWBGF9 answered…2yrs

No because prison is not about rehabilitation and will therefore do nothing but push the criminals to re offend so as to live once released because their employability will be non-existent.

@8PQXY2KSNP answered…2yrs

We should decriminalise drugs such as marijuana, this may also end some drug dealers careers as people won’t have to buy drugs illegally for more money

@8PN42W3 answered…2yrs

Only for class A and B drugs and we should dicriminalise cannabis

@8PGXV9PLabour answered…2yrs

Yes, but we need to reform prisons to focus primarily on reformation and rehabilitation of offenders rather than punishment.

@8NYWNF4Labour answered…2yrs

Offences should result in rehab, we need to offer help to those in need and we need to stop treating addiction like a crime.

@8NF9RHY answered…2yrs

No, community service working with young people affected by parents drug use, or something else that will benefit society and the offender.

@yeet2604 answered…2yrs

No, we should decriminalise possession and usage of all drugs and instead provide rehabilitation for those who need it

@8KJS969 answered…2yrs

@8JSPHMC answered…2yrs

No, we should decriminalise most drugs and heavily regulate those that are likely to cause harm when abused.

@8FC6866 answered…2yrs

No it should be a personal choice if someone wants to take drugs or not, not a crime.

@8DKKYTQ answered…2yrs

Drug use is not without harm - it affects people's ability to work and therefore is a risk to wider society as well as the user. After a first offence there should be rehabilitation, repeat offences should be punished with a jail sentence.

@8DHY62G answered…2yrs

Non-Violent Drug Offenders should be given rehabilitation and put on House Arrest

@8D6VB5MLabour answered…2yrs

No, if they are dealing then they should be rehabilitated first, then prison sentences.


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