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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...9yrs

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...9yrs

No, but renegotiate for strict limits on migration into the country and the terms of our monetary contributions

@5D2TR3B answered…2yrs

@5BXL94Dfrom Edinburgh, City of  answered…2yrs

Stop 90% of foreigners from entering the uk. The people are tired of it and would also love to ban Islam at any cost. Further permitting the free parading of Islam and the laid back migration process will inevitably result in a cultural meltdown.

@5N5RY26 answered…2yrs

Yes to having our own laws recognised but NO to destroying our cordial relationships with our European cousins. Recognition for us living on an island with limited physical resources by the europeans would have gone a long way to have knocked the whole leave/stay malarky on its head. Living on the continent seems to make it impossible for them to understand the islander mentality after all they can just move/get things from/to new areas whilst we fall into the sea! (effectively we live in a cage whilst they are free---result different mindsets/different attitudes/different ways of dealing with life/different priorities)

@97ZGVR9 answered…22hrs

Yes to show what a mess this country is now, no comapnies, low wages, everything sold by the tories.

@97X8PX7 answered…1wk

If it meant more economic regulation and establishment of a socialist government, yes. But in the way it will be implemented, no

@97X55GK answered…1wk

Yes as it ensures stricter immigration policies but the trade agreements with EU nations should be renegotiated to a similar standard to when we were in the EU

@97X3Q3K answered…1wk

No, but given the decision renegotiate a far better trading and intelligence (Interpol) agreement with the EU

@97WP7TB answered…1wk

@97VM6L8 answered…1wk

No and such an important decision shouldn't have been voted on by the public, who get most of their information from tabloid newspapers.

@97RPN48Labour answered…2wks

No but we have to make Brexit work because the people voted for it

@97PM2N2 answered…2wks

Needs to be a 2nd Referendum it was too close and people lacked the knowledge they have now

@97N7DGZ answered…2wks

No, but I recognise that is the majority decision and that's how democracy works.

@97KD7XS answered…3wks

Yes but only with a socialist, pro immigration government in place

@97D6T53 answered…3wks

No, this vote like all others facing long term future of a nation should only be open to those whom the majority of their future will be affected.

@97BW5C4 answered…3wks

Yes, but I would want a softer Brexit where we are still good friends with EU countries and can still trade easily with them just not in their close organisation

@97BH3VP answered…3wks

staying in the EU but only having the Pro's to the EU and not the CONS.

@9757DBN answered…4wks

@974PRZJ answered…4wks

Yes, and adopt a WTO rules all the way approach; the EU needs us more than we need them and they will have to trade with us accordingly.

@96ZVJGT answered…4wks

No, however we voted to leave so we must respect the vote. We should still make trade agreements with EU nations though.

@96ZVJGT answered…4wks

No, however we voted to leave so it's tough I guess. We should still make trade agreements with EU nations though.

@96ZKXR5 answered…4wks

In the long term I think it could be very advantageous, but I don’t expect to see those benefits in my lifetime

@96YBCZL answered…4wks

Yes, we need to be independent and self sufficient to be more sustainable. We need to have control of our own waters and create more jobs in the agricultural and energy industry to help with self sufficiency. We need to help our people living in UK, so that means not giving monetary contributions to EU. We need to be stricter on illegal migration.

@96WXGCD answered…1mo

I believe elevating the EU has substantially affected our economy financially and structurally and the UK should stay united as a result as any other disbanding e.g Scotland should be forgotten for the good of our nation.

@96WRFZ2Labourfrom District of Columbia  answered…1mo

No, but we have to limit the damage caused and have a close relationship with Europe

@96VSS9V answered…1mo

I voted remain but if I was to vote again now I would vote leave, therefore yes I believe it was right decision.

@96TZ3RQ answered…1mo

No, but we are in the situation now so need to sort out a good deal with the eu

@96RC9FX answered…1mo

no, but I recognize it is what people voted for and we must go through with it.

@96R9ZPSConservative answered…1mo

I voted remain, I do not necessarily agree with the decision. However I believe in democracy, and honouring the decision of the british people. The British people voted for brexit, therefore we need to make a success of it.

@96QKQST answered…1mo

Yes, but the whole process was incredibly rushed and forced. It should have been negotiated and planned BEFORE actually leaving. A process like Brexit should take up to a decade if not more, since it’s a huge change.


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