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Yes, replace it with a bill of rights that gives the UK more legislative control

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@4VNQ2BSfrom East Sussex  answered…2yrs

No, but criminals should lose rights depending on the severity of their crime/crimes.

@986KZ78Conservativefrom Pennsylvania  answered…4 days

no but criminals should lose as many rights that dont come close to a threshold of lose of rights. we need to just make them accountable.

@985DVDY answered…1wk

People tend to find loopholes so can be mis-used in some circumstances

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@97SMLYHfrom Maine  answered…3wks

@97RD34DConservative answered…4wks

some of the things that it involves need to be changed but some also need to stay.

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@97PFDDJ answered…4wks

no but if you are a women or man found illegaly with a minor you will have all your rights away (women)

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@973PT4R answered…1mo

No, but criminals who have been convicted of breaking others human rights should have theirs restricted.

@973PCF4 answered…1mo

The problem with human rights is that there seems to be a lack of justice, certain groups consistently-often by protest have a greater voice than ordinary citizens and use extreme disruption to prevent those ordinary citizens carrying out their jobs .

@96YBCZL answered…1mo

We should change the human rights act slightly and re-introduce the death penalty for the most serious of crimes.

@96QMSNWReclaim Party answered…2mos

No, there should be more rights regarding self defence & free speech.

@96JM2GF answered…2mos

Expand it and remove any loopholes that can be in the state's favour and the individual's.

@96J247Z answered…2mos

It's should be available to legal born and bred british nationals. Not people freely entering

@96DYJR7 answered…2mos

No, but criminals should lose some of these rights for their time in prison

No, but criminals should lose the vote for a certain amount of time when they are in prison, and should gain longer periods of times with relatives.

@96DY6TV answered…2mos

no but people who have endangered peoples quality of life should have some rights taken away

@969ZF9Y answered…2mos

@965F6LP answered…2mos

The UK has its own bill of rights, the Magna catra which is basis for most of the world's primary use of human rights and should continue to grow with us a nation, not internationally

@95X7Q6TPlaid Cymru answered…2mos

No but it could be amended to support the use of intellectual property of corporations and individuals a reduced or zero profit in extreme circumstances. AKA the limited rights of imprisoned persons who have committed offences against the rights to life of others is something I don't disagree with

@95NZHLT answered…3mos

no, and it should be made a permanent law rather than something that can be removed

@95HXFN4 answered…3mos

Yes, but create a British constitution which is far more lenient..

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@9573KQD answered…3mos

No, but immigrants should not have the same rights by landing on British soil.

@94T954D answered…3mos

Should be updated to work with modern industrial society and be taken away for certain ppl like sex offenders

@94HKVY3 answered…4mos

Yes, but replace it with an act that places further qualifications on things like the right to privacy to make it easier to deal with instances of domestic violence (as privacy is a common defence). Aside from that, the HRA represents the ECHR at the domestic level and should be kept, if not updated.

@948CSL6 answered…4mos

No human (other than the Tories) can have rights. I'm Boris Johnson!

@946BL2K answered…4mos

No, but replace it with a written constitution that is composed of most of the UK's current unwritten constitution

@946BL2K answered…4mos

Yes, but replace it with a written constitution that is composed of most of the UK's current unwritten constitution

@93YX5N5 answered…5mos

Respect and enforce the English bill of rights which was passed in 1669.


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