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Yes, and create more social programs to provide free food, clothing, and medicine

@9853B8X answered…3 days

Only if they do not create social issues or damage property. Shelters are dangerous but housing should always be taken

@984RJ67 answered…3 days

Homelessness is an issue all round down to social housing and the private housing.

@984DX4YConservative answered…4 days

Should be given a 3 chance system and if they dont take it. Should have there entitlements took off them

@97ZZJVN answered…7 days

@97ZS7G3 answered…1wk

Yes aswell as making old buildings into homes shelters to give them a place to stay so they can get a job as then they’ll have a place for there post to go ETC

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@97ZDJ6X answered…1wk

Yes provided it’s not in a built up busy area or around children’s parks and the like .

@97ZBNHMGreen answered…1wk

It depends why they have refused shelter. Each case should be reviewed on its own merits

Yes, and create more social programs to provide free food, clothing, and medicine And as long as it isn’t causing any issues or harm

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@97XYXFV answered…2wks

If they're causing a public disturbance (littering, acting hostile towards people, etc) then something should be done, if not, then leave them be.

@97XR48VLabour answered…2wks

Yes but only if there's no evidence that they are causing a major disturbance to the surrounding community. If they are, for example, leaving waste around the area, acting hostile towards people, etc, then they should be moved.

@97XBV5Pfrom British Columbia  answered…2wks

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@97SQW6Z answered…3wks

Yes, as long as it is not interfering with businesses and having a negative impact on the area.

@97SGFRMGreen answered…3wks

no but they should be allowed certain areas in which they are allowed to that may not be in a shelter which allows them freedom

@97SFCSKLabour answered…3wks

@97SF49P answered…3wks

In principle they should and food and clothing should be available but need to understand why an individual would want to do this .For example did they have a negative expert and what can be done to put controls in place to ensure this.

@97SDTJ7 answered…3wks

There should be enough housing that they don’t need to sleep in public areas

@97RLT3M answered…3wks

to introduce a programme where homeless can gain skills to get back on a job to be able to rent a house for themselves.

@97RD34DConservative answered…3wks

no they will not be able to be homeless, they will have to join the army as this will build up the countries military, whilst also providing them with a job, food, shelter, clothing and money, but it also makes towns and cities safer and cleaner.

@97R7QHJAnimal Welfare Party answered…3wks

Depends if it’s really in the way and they are bothering people

@97R7GRNConservative answered…3wks

they should all have to join the army, they would get money and food and a place to live.

@97QPQG9Labour answered…3wks

No, not if the housing they have been provided with is clean and acceptable.

@97PH5KJ answered…3wks

If they have turned down available shelter, then it is slightly unfair to use another person's property. They should still be helped and provided with essential needs.

@97PGZMV answered…3wks

well not really because they didn't expected the home so its kind of there fualt

@97PGYD4Conservative answered…3wks

I think there should be more shelters for homeless and if or when they find a job they can pay off all the free things given to them.

@97P4HXY answered…3wks

No, create social programs to help fund growth for shelters for the homeless and ways for them to get back on their feet such as a job scheme.

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@97N8CP4 answered…4wks

some of them not all of them the ones who got kicked out when they didn't have a chance too do anything about it and so they can get back on there hands and find a flat or a house

@97N6NRRLabour answered…4wks

More homeless shelters - for example empty halls with multiple single beds (like war shelter) with hot drinks etc


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