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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...9yrs

Yes, the Welsh assembly should be given powers equal to those of the Scottish Parliament

@98627JW answered…6 days

@97LL6ZQLiberal Democrat answered…1mo

Yes the United Kingdom should wither fully centralise or ne divided into semi federal states with equal devolved assemblies which are divided by geography and size (I.e. England divided up many times)

@96QNYKB answered…2mos

Equal devolution for all four UK constituent countries, whose governments should make up a federal panel for UK issues. Abolish Westminster.

@96Q9TLJ answered…2mos

Every governing body should have equal powers to run their regions as they require. Communication between them would be required to discuss conflicting opinions

@96FD4MT answered…2mos

This should be dependent on the views of those in wales, as per a referendum upon devolution

@966D7NB answered…2mos

@96293WX answered…2mos

Establish maximum devolution for all countries, including establishing an English parliament

@95YLM8H answered…2mos

Yes, and all nations including England should have devolved power equal to the Scottish parliament

@95XVTXY answered…2mos

Legislations must be put in place by government so that other UK countries cannot overrule them and turn it into something else for their country such as bringing back tuition fees or changing laws on privatisation. Apart from that they can do what they want

@95SQ7ZS answered…3mos

Yes give all devolved assemblies and allow a second Scottish independence referendum but in five or ten years' time

@959JMJV answered…3mos

Yes but these laws should not include legalizing drugs or lowering the limit on alcohol

@957KPNC answered…3mos

@94CKMVN answered…4mos

More autonomy and the cost of their economic policies should be paid for by taxing their own population, not asking English taxpayers to contribute.

@945K7TRLiberal Democrat answered…4mos

Opportunity for independence should be an option if it’s wished by the principality.

@93VGXT3 answered…5mos

Allow for independence referendums in Scotland, Northern Ireland or Wales and if not taken then reform jurisdictions whilst creating devolved regional governments across England as well to take focus away from Westminster

@93R4GT3 answered…5mos

@93P794R answered…5mos

Yes, all regions in the UK should have regional power, though shouldn't have separate laws

@93L89WF answered…6mos

Yes to the same degree as each regional body with the introduction of an English one or regional English one.

@93GLQ97 answered…6mos

@93FN7GC answered…6mos

I'd like Wales to be a fully independent or have a Devo-Max government.

@93BSRSGUKIP answered…6mos

Give all devolved governments devo-max powers and full fiscal autonomy

@937C8SR answered…7mos

@93576NL answered…7mos

@92ZZ2TP answered…7mos

@92S32NV answered…7mos

England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland should have equal levels of devolution.

@92GLYXL answered…8mos

I seem to think more devolved powers should be opportune in Wales, however, I'd prefer for Wales to be an independent nation.


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