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 @9LK7238Liberal Democratanswered…1mo1MO

I would say that all though bigger corporations and entities have a higher effect on


If everyone who thought their behaviours didn’t matter changed their opinion a huge change would be made

 @9LLNBD7Green agreed…1mo1MO

The corporations are the root of all the environmental problems that we are having, due to their bad practices. So using the materials they're using in items. The government is also more responsible, due to their lack of a grip on the actions of corporations.


I think that the idea that you can't make an impact harms the collective ability to actually make a difference even if an individuals actions aren't enough advocating and expanding those actions can make a difference


Individuals have a responsibility to act in favour of the environment, but corporations hold the most responsibilitye due to the scale of their effect on the environment


I agree, blame corporations not individual consumers, but do what you can.


Mass global corporations produce far more than everyday people. Corporations influence how environmentally friendly consumers are through what materials they use to make their products etc


An individual's actions are almost certainly unable to make a tangible difference to the wider environment. However, it's still worth being environmentally aware if for no other reason than to make a more pleasant world to live in.


i would say i feel like this regularly but thats why its so important to keep pushing for more unity between humans and our environment. we must never forget where we came from lest we lose it altogether.


There is only 0.04-0.05% of carbon dioxide emissions going into the atmosphere. We should not be restricting and dictating the way people live in order to please those who have made climate change and global warming in to something serious.


The amount of carbon dioxide going into the atmosphere is only 0.04-0.05%. We should not be restricting and dictating the way people live in order to please those who made climate change and global warming look serious


The vast majority of emissions and waste are produced by large corporations, who created and helped spread the idea that every little bit helps to deflect from the damage they are causing. The 'carbon footprint', for example, was created by BP to shift the blame from them to their customers. If any significant change is to occur, government regulation of these companies is required.


Each action is a step closer to a healthier environment

 @9LH8HN9Liberal Democratdisagreed…1mo1MO

It has to be government who dictates. People are too selfish for those who try to make a difference.


Look at your garden or local green area. Even planting some native flowers could increase local biodiversity and make the monocultures look better.

 @9LLC93KLabour answered…1mo1MO

I think more could be done to be more organic, definitely!

 @9LTG9PY agreed…3wks3W

if everyone had the same opinion we would never get to be green! we should all do our part however big or small


Pick up some litter. There, that was easy. Job done. Wasn't difficult was it. Less plastic around in the environment


We are all in the is together. Apparat from the Tories and Thames Water. They get to do whatever they want, with no consequences.


The Tories are out for themselves, and always have been. Thames Water, like many other companies, have been gouging their customers who have no other options.


Although larger corporations are at the heart of the issues the smaller consumeristic habits are still important.

 @9LFZQRTGreen answered…1mo1MO

I think it is a disappointing perspective but i can understand why one would feel that way


It feels so overwhelming when you're trying your hardest to help the environment and the government are imposing all these bans and restrictions when the vast majority of pollution comes from corporations who aren't being controlled in the same way.


It’s difficult to think you made a difference when the results aren’t immediate but if everyone thinks they won’t make a difference then no one will try

 @9L2TVLN answered…2mos2MO

If 1 person put a plastic bag on a beach, it wouldn't make much of an impact. If 67 million people each put plastic bag on a beach it would fill the place up with damaging waste. It works the other way round. The cumulative effect is bigger than we think


That if everyone thought like that, change would never happen. One small change made by thousands of people us what makes a difference.


No action is too small, every little action can accumulate into positive change

 @9L8734JScottish Socialistanswered…2mos2MO

Everyone makes a difference, even if it's small, your actions contribute greatly as your actions influence others' actions to make greater change.


"there's a lot of people out there, people should be able to see your actions and follow suit, and it should spread from there!"


Every change has to start with one person, all actions no matter how small will contribute to the greater good


If everyone made small actions it would have a huge change. But it is on government’s to put in effective legislation to make the real changes.


We make our own choices but those choices are dependent on the parameters through which we view things. As such, they are dependent on experience, education, upbringing so we cannot in reality expect people to act in the correct way, or the way that benefits the most. The government shoukd be full of people who can make these decisions on the behalf of the population but sadly seem to fit into the I'm all right Jack category many citizens do


the only long term effective action is political pressure to lobby for legal change that will cap emissions and prevent damaging behaviours from large polluters


Everyone’s able to do something, little things all add up!


If we all did something little every day, to better the environment - it would ALL add up to a BIG difference.

 @9LLF6JT answered…1mo1MO

If everyone thinks that, nothing will ever happen.


Cumulative impact of small individual actions might not equal the same impact as one action by a large organisation but requires a changing mindset in individuals to ensure small and large impact changes are made.


Vote with ur money and contribute to environmentally friendly business and corporations


Take action for yourself and make conscious choices you believe will help the environment that feel reasonable and attainable for you.


Every drop fills the ocean. Small actions collectively create big change. We can't afford to wait for someone else to save the planet. It starts with each of us, every day. Your choices matter more than you think.


Greener actions from individuals will collectively add up and drive a lower price as there will be greater demand. Taking solar panels as an example, more demand will lower the cost, so they are cheaper to install and then save you money in the long run

 @9LKCPZ5 answered…1mo1MO

That in itself is a dumb response to not do anything about it. It takes collective of people to make a change of course, and it’ll take a lot of time and a lot of people to see some change but we can’t keep making excuses while time goes on and the worlds environmental stability crashes down.


We all need to help the environment, a harmonious and reciprocal relationship with nature is key to a sustainable future. With our help nature can thrive, and with natures help we too can thrive.


Every little helps, but the big cooperations need to be put under check


It starts with the people so the more people involved with environmentalism the better for the world


All small actions add up to large changes across a whole of individuals


Every step in the right direction, no matter how small, is a step forward. Together through the combined community of progressive positive actions, change can be made.


In this instance anything however small will collectively make difference.


As they say, pennies make pounds. Of course your efforts will seem more than minute, but as a collective movement our impact would be extreme.


I understand the apathy and feeling of hopelessness and it is true that the biggest polluters are corporations but it's also naive to think you can't have an impact with your own actions and your voice.


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