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Help, in theory but have recently become corrupt and should have their powers limited

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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...8yrs

Hurt, I support some private unions but am strongly against public unions

@9866KWG answered…5 days

Help, but should be made obsolete through the abolition of the market economy

@983PQ2W answered…1wk

Hurt, but that's not a bad thing. Human rights are more important than the economy.

@97ZR6Y4 answered…2wks

It hurts the economy but the economy is less important than the welfare of workers.

@97ZMKPL answered…2wks

Help the economy because it’s important for workers to be represented. Workers help the economy although trade unions shouldn’t become too powerful.

@97CNZSC answered…1mo

Objectively hurt the economy but are essential for the protection of worker's rights.

@974V27WConservative answered…1mo

Hurt, labour unions can divert funding into less appropriate sectors

@96ZWVGCGreen answered…1mo

Help, corporations would happily take advantage of their workers and unions are the best protection against that.

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@96QWZ63 answered…2mos

They help workers, they’re not there to support the economy but workers’ rights

@96NW5T7 answered…2mos

Membership of a union should be compulsory in large organisations, both [public and p[rivate, and members should be compelled to vote on issues to ensure a democratic outcome.

@96N6CX5Conservative answered…2mos

They should be able to strike if they have a majority vote from their members and any pay offer should be put to their members.

@96JLHTM answered…2mos

They Hurt but can be good under some circumstances like toting out bullying and toxic culture within organisations but they harm and hold the government to ransom

@968XV2JGreen answered…2mos

Hurt the economy, but protect individuals which is more important.

@9664P9B answered…2mos

Their impact on the economy is less important than their impact on the workers they represent- which is generally positive

@964HRWR answered…2mos

Hurt, but they need to be replaced with tougher employment legislation (especially for public sector environments)

@95M8XTGConservative answered…3mos

They do both. They help workers, they screw corporations. I don't mind that

@95J4DV3 answered…3mos

I don't think the question should be whether it helps or hurts the economy. It could help the economy but hurt the workers (if conditions and pay are extremely bad).

@959JMJV answered…3mos

They hurt the economy but they claims should be listened to especially if their pay is not in line with the increasing inflation

@955TK2L answered…3mos

It could help but also hurt the economy if it is done in the wrong way.

@949BX5W answered…4mos

Help individuals against management not hold public to ransom on pay

@947VFZQ answered…4mos

I do support helping the workers, however, I think labour unions mostly hurt the econony

@947TF78 answered…4mos

Help but their abilities to support members have been steadily eroded by anti-union government.

@945SX38 answered…4mos

Neither, a balance is required between union power and business owner power

@93VGXT3 answered…5mos

Help, ban their ability to make political donations and make membership free and ensure they are genuinely democratic and accountable to members

@93R58RD answered…5mos

Depends on how they’re run. As long as they don’t become corrupt, aren’t government funded and advocate peacefully for workers’ rights, I’m fine with them.

@93N75NN answered…5mos

Hurt, but realistically they are necessary to ensure workers are protected.

@93876Z8 answered…7mos

@935VDTFUKIP answered…7mos

Hurt, they have recently become corrupt and should have their powers limited


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