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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...8yrs

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...8yrs

@4WS739Jfrom Buckinghamshire  answered…2yrs

@4WQVDS2from London, City of  answered…2yrs

@4XM8PZBfrom Lincolnshire  answered…2yrs

Yes, especially since the government has issued the bedroom tax, targeting many lower income families. Having seen local residents forced to move out of their homes because they cannot afford the bedroom tax, they should also bring in the mansion tax. The wealthy have not seen any tax increases under this government, theirs have been cut, yet the lower class families have been far worse off especially due to services cut by the same government that's cutting taxes for the higher class.

@97WK9T8Conservative answered…1wk

house prices suggest 2m is not a 'mansion'. properties over 3.5 should result in higher taxes.

@97SF4LC answered…2wks

It should be £2m or 10x higher than the houses in surrounding area

@97Q4J7Tfrom Colorado  answered…2wks

They should pay property taxes like the rest of us. A land tax may even be better.

@97LL6ZQLiberal Democrat answered…3wks

No as it forces low income people out of homes they've saved up for or inherited. It forces an economic split by shrinking the middle

@96ZWVGCGreen answered…4wks

No, taxes on property are currently nonsensical and should be reformed to be more progressive as well as punitive to reduce the amount of properties that are empty or owned by landlords. Multiple property owners should be taxed significantly higher, housing is a basic human right, not an investment vehicle

@96NZJ38 answered…1mo

Yes, to help reduce wealth inequality AND implement the tax on foreign owned property - there should be massive incentives to assist UK citizens over foreing nationals (especially those that do not live in the country and only buy to rent)

@96J247Z answered…1mo

Depending on personal wealth and thw loopholes they already use to pay less tax

@96HFKTR answered…1mo

Yes, but only if the homeowner owns two or more “mansions” valued over £2m

@96CKPZZ answered…2mos

Land value tax to replace council tax, business rates, stamp duty, bedroom tax etc.

@96BF2ZQ answered…2mos

Should be based on the wealth of the individual. Loopholes to avoid tax need to be removed, eg using an offshore company

@967KK5J answered…2mos

@966JH8C answered…2mos

Yes if they didn't earn their money in Britain but no if they are British and earned their money in the British economy.

@965Z7XT answered…2mos

yes if they also have a high income where they pay for the mansion

@964TRBB answered…2mos

£2m in south London does not buy a ‘mansion’ - just a 3 bed terrace house!

@96266HY answered…2mos

Yes... you want a big house that takes up large amounts of land then pay for it

@95Y9GJM answered…2mos

Yes, and ownership of more than one domicile should be outlawed and any more than one building for businesses or other use should be heavily regulated.

@95WVN3K answered…2mos

Depends if it cost them all their money to buy the property or whether they are sitting on treasure troves

@95VYTZT answered…2mos

increase taxes for all property valued at over £1M, no property to be sold to foreign parties without a 6-month residential clause,

@95TX84L answered…2mos

@95MN96Q answered…2mos

The inceased taxes should be on valued houses/mansions of 5 million £

@95966G8 answered…3mos

House tax on high value properties is fair, but for people who can't afford to pay it, there should be a forgiveness system in place, if there isn't one already.

@9567V7V answered…3mos

@9553FQW answered…3mos

Yes, but only for those who own the house because they can - those who use the mansions to house others or large groups/family who meet the amount of people to room requirement

@9543SDF answered…3mos

A tax on unused rooms is issued to renting, lower income families, this should be applied to mansions too.

@953JD5R answered…3mos

Ban investors from vacating their homes for more than a year unless somewhere else they got severely injured

@94JQTYQ answered…3mos

Yes for both foreign and domestic homeowners of property in the UK

@94HW5GV answered…3mos

@94GBQD4 answered…3mos

Depends on the finances of the home owner, they may have inherited the mansion.


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