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No, they are a positive influence on tourism, charity, and international relations

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...8yrs

No, but only provide financial support for immediate heirs to the throne

@57Z4LX5from Oldham  answered…2yrs

@4TZ7GVXfrom East Riding of Yorkshire  answered…2yrs

Seriously this is the most stupid question I've been asked in my life and I've been asked if Muslim is a country before, seriously that's so moronic, even Kurt Cobain lyrics look intellectual next to this question why the hell would you abolish the Monarchy be ashamed dude.

@4YHC3Q2British Nationalfrom Derbyshire  answered…2yrs

No, they should be given more power. The government is corrupt and full of liars. The Monarch needs to be able to tear the government apart and rebuild it in order to fulfill Democracy to its full potential.

@4TTW7YZfrom Croydon  answered…2yrs

If they cost more than they make in revenue, then yes the monarchy should go, especially seeing as there are some people in this country living in poverty. That money would be better spent on the poor to make this an equal system. You cannot call our system a democracy with a non elected head of state, it's not fair.

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@983DZZ5 answered…3 days

Kind of I think it’s okay if there just a name and have no power

@9825465 answered…4 days

They should be in a ceremonial role only, and only direct line children should be supported.

@98223DR answered…4 days

@97ZQWWT answered…5 days

No, however civil government officials must screen immediate royals who take part in high stake international relations, so to make sure they are suited for the task, and haven't been given the privilege because of their birth.

@97ZK6SN answered…6 days

Yes, and their private wealth should be returned into public ownership of the UK and commonwealth counties citizens.

@97YN6Y4 answered…1wk

If the United Kingdom, as a unified entity survives, the monarchy must. If the union is dissolved, as I believe it should be, the monarchy should be abolished.

@97SF49P answered…2wks

The number of members of the family who are funded should be scaled back, tax concessions for example inheritance should be reviewed and a move to self funding and taxation should be progressed. Places etc should be opened more widely to support the move to self funding

@97S566YLiberal Democratfrom Kansas  answered…2wks

Yes, if and only if the active members of the British Monarchy are in a majority to end it.

@97QR7BLfrom Maine  answered…3wks

No they help unite the nation and make the nation special to have such an old tradition, however, their spending should be reduced.

@97N9574 answered…3wks

No, because I believe it is a good thing to have a head of state who is separate from government and policy making

@97JSSJM answered…3wks

No, they are a positive influence on tourism, charity, and international relations but their funding should be reduced.

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@979V694Labour answered…4wks

Not abolished as it’s part of British history and tourism but I do feel they are useless for society and don’t contribute much.

@97556K7Conservative answered…1mo

ABSOLUTELY NOT! The monarchy are a great tradition and boost tourism and the economy.

@96Y53L9 answered…1mo

No, we should abolish Parliament and become an absolute Monarchy.

@96X5V8M answered…1mo

No, but only provide financial and security support for the immediate family of heirs to the throne

@96S4NQC answered…1mo

Yes and we should assassinate all future monarchs to ensure their demise


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