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@4TTW7YZfrom Croydon  answered…2yrs

Any worker should be rewarded according to success, but not with excessive amounts of money, that is unfair! And in my opinion , the brokers who were responsible for selling sub prime mortgages should pay back all if not some of the money they made, as it was the tax payer who had to bail the banks out. Banks should not rely on the tax payer to bail them out when they make risky and frankly stupid decisions. Any banker who profited from our losses should have been made to pay that money back!

@984F8CVfrom New York  answered…4 days

No, but bakers should also provide equity for any financial problems that their banks face

@97LS399 answered…4wks

As long as the bonus is being paid out of private funds then it shouldn't be capped. This additional income can then be taxed as additional income as any other income would be

@979XN3Ffrom New York  answered…4wks

No, but bankers should provide equity to their banks for any financial problems that they face

@96ZWVGCGreen answered…1mo

No, a workers bonus should be based on their productivity and never capped but society should stop rewarding unproductive workers that damage the economy such as bankers

@96Q59YL answered…1mo

@96NFZK3 answered…2mos

Bankers are already well paid, in the current economic crisis, no bonus should be paid.

@96JK6WS answered…2mos

No, but banks should be forced to give said bonuses to ALL of their employees, from the janitors to the CEO.

@96HCHHX answered…2mos

No, but banks should receive equity from any financial problems that they face

 @davidjwbailey answered…2mos

Bankers should not charge fees based on "% of other people's money" - they should only be allowed to charge like solicitors and accountants for hours at published rates

@966NDGWConservative answered…2mos

Yes, Banker's bonuses should have a price cap determined by the bank in question. Ranges may be determined up to a maximum of 120%, however they must do so before a specified date set by Parliament. Failure to do so will result in a cap of 50%

@95VYTZT answered…2mos

break up larger banking corporations, ban all bonus payments related to pay

@95RZ54FUKIP answered…2mos

No, but bankers should also pay into any financial problems faced by their banks

@946BL2K answered…4mos

Yes, and nationalise the banks if they accepted bailouts from the governemnt

@9426LWX answered…4mos

Bonus can be based on success but there needs to be control on how much a top earner can earn at a company compared to someone working at the lowest level

@93ZR6ZJ answered…4mos

No. However, all those working in the bank industry should be paid the same level of bonuses.

@9356VL6Conservative answered…7mos

@92SZ5BS answered…7mos

@92RZC4H answered…7mos

No, but when their excessive risk taking fails, they get punished

@92Q6QBJ answered…7mos

I don't think it should be capped but the rules under which they operate should be more strict and under more constant scrutiny. If they are found guilty of illegal trading, breaking the rules as in the 2008 crash etc they should be imprisioned as Iceland has done

@92HY4N3 answered…7mos

No, but the government should ensure that they are taxed appropriately

@92GGXZY answered…8mos

Bonus should be capped at annual wage of the lowest paid employee in the company

@92BV8KK answered…8mos

Bankers bonuses should sit at -100% Thats around a %1000 markup for absolute scum bankers.

@92BLH6GGreen answered…8mos

If it is a private company then we should have no input on how it's run but if it's nationalised then yes it should be capped

 @927ZDP4 answered…8mos

No, but a balance should be found to ensure growth while lowering the risk of a financial crisis

@924YX9Y answered…8mos

Bonuses should be abolished as its always the people in power that get them and not the people that do the work


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