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No, most minimum wage jobs are meant to develop experience, not support a family

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@987F3BMLibertarian answered…4 days

No. It would kill small businesses in favour of corporations and make it difficult for young people and less qualified people to get a job

@9866KWG answered…5 days

@97XKJWG answered…3wks

Yes, but by a small amount, to eliminate the possibiltiy of price increases.

@97X3Q3K answered…3wks

Increasing the national minimum wage without there being adjustments to income/means tested benefit considerations meant our poorest had much less money coming in. No increase without increasing benefit calculation thresholds.

@97VLMPZ answered…3wks

@97TP4YT answered…3wks

All job sectors should be allowed to unionised and those unions should negotiate wages.

@97PFFSV answered…4wks

16_18 year old should get the same money per hour as people who are 21 years of age

@97MM2VW answered…1mo

For people on lowest incomes, they have a lower rate of tax and thus more tax home pay.

@97K667M answered…1mo

No and abolish minimum wage but companies should be competitive with wages.

@97FTFJT answered…1mo

Minimum wage jobs should only be for jobs that don't require qualifications. If you need a qualification! The job should pay a higher wage.

@97D6T53 answered…1mo

No, we should reform to universal basic income. Jobs should supplement luxury's atop basic living

@9786TF7Conservative answered…1mo

The government should make benefits lower than the national minimum wage to encourage people to work

@974V27WConservative answered…1mo

No, a government should not have the right to make decisions for businesses

@973PT4R answered…1mo

Yes, and do not allow age to determine how much someone should be paid

@96ZWVGCGreen answered…1mo

Yes, minimum wage should be a liveable wage and corporations would very happily return to slavery if they could, government regulation will also be required but increasing minimum wage alone won’t fix the problem.

@96YBCZL answered…1mo

I fear that it will only cause prices to increase in a never ending cycle. However, if lots of people are struggling then it may have to be increased and adjusted according to inflation. There are also existing schemes, help from government and other services to help people with cost of living.

@96WFT7C answered…1mo

No, abolish minimum wages because it gives employers an excuse to pay employees minimum wage for important jobs

@96SR764Labour answered…2mos

@96R9X8TGreen answered…2mos

The minimum wage should be abolished allowing for more negotiation and flexibility during hiring, however the minimum wage should be a company's starting offer. This wage should not be allowed to affect product pricing.

@96R9HSH answered…2mos

It's about right at the moment. The issue is jobs that used to be a lot higher pay than minimum wage being "gobbled up" and now only pay a tiny bit more than working at a Tesco.

@96QCLKQ answered…2mos

@96MWK9X answered…2mos

Yes, should increase by how hard each individual is working and inflation

@96M6ZX2 answered…2mos

@96F22MJ answered…2mos

Minimum wage should increase for major cities where life is more expensive

@96DKWGC answered…2mos


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