Yes, our mental healthcare system needs more funding to provide a higher quality of care and services
No, incentivise private companies to address this issue instead
Yes, but only increase funding for personalised care instead of subsidising pharmaceutical companies

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No, the more we talk about "mental health" the more fashionable it becomes and more people abuse the system.


abolish psychiatry and involuntary treatment. set up local community run clinics with counselling and peer support, and legalise all drugs including psych meds without prescription


All government owned industries should be privatised, for-profit corporations


The Government should be supporting the citizens properly, decent wages, access to healthcare in a timely manner. The aforementioned would cancel out the need for extra funding since the circle would be rebuilt


Yes we need more funding & it should be filtered through an unbiased agency e.g. medication shouldn't be funded directly by pharmaceutical companies. Funding should be held and apportioned to need. Qualitative research should be given equal academic status .e.g. no point in having a cost effective medication if administration and side effects render it impossible to use. E.g. alendronic acid. Might be cost effective for osteoporosis but remember to take it once a week, sit upright might be too hard, and heartburn side effects all mean non compliance= wasted resources etc.

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