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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...6yrs

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...6yrs

No, and I believe a mother and father family structure is best for the child

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...6yrs

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...6yrs

No, and adoption agencies should prioritize offering children to straight couples before offering to gay couples

@58RBLMZfrom Belfast  answered…2yrs

@58F6N9Rfrom Lincolnshire  answered…2yrs

Allow children of 15+ to be adopted by same sex couples so they are brought up by straight couples

@983NFYV answered…2 days

In the modern society kids with gay parents are a target for harassment

@983N9ST answered…2 days

Straight couples should be chosen over gay couples when adopting children

@97ZVC9HConservative answered…4 days

I think that adoption to all straight and gay couples should be banned.

@97Z8R7HLabour answered…1wk

Yes, as long as they do not influence the child's decision in any way when it comes to sexuality.

@97VLKX7 answered…2wks

Yes, gay couples can still be as good parents as straight couples maybe even better

@97SJSHP answered…2wks

I believe they shouldn't be rejected to adopt, however, I do believe every child should have a mum and dad, having said that, every child should be in a loving home most importantly.

@97SF49P answered…2wks

I was n,t aware that there was currently a difference and need to understand more about adoption rights.

@97RD34DConservative answered…3wks

i think they should have to pass the same background checks as everyone else, then i think it should be down to the child if they want to go with them or wait for other people to become available.

@97R7GRNConservative answered…3wks

they must pass the same background checks, then it is down to the child if they feel comfortable being adopted.

@97QHHW7 answered…3wks

Yes, gay couples are no less able to provide a loving family for their children based off of the arbitrary basis of gender

@97LR76W answered…3wks

yes but we know two males cant fit the role of one male and one female but they will figure it out in due time.

@97CPBS2 answered…4wks

If they take into account that they chose to not have the ability of giving birth and that may effect how long the process takes for them as people with problems such as infertility would be prioritised.

@97BXFQ7 answered…4wks

Yes, but ideally the couple has access to a woman to act as a female parental figure for the child.

@9757SCZ answered…4wks

They could have the same right, because a child needs a home , if they take well care of the child is good ,even if I'm not agree that gays couples adopt children's because they could grow up confused.

@97556K7Conservative answered…1mo

No they should have adoption rights but straight couples should be prioritised

@973FKWKSNP answered…1mo

It would be pc to say yes but a child benefits from bothe a male and female role model.

@972NJ7G answered…1mo

Yes, but if every other factor is constant, straight couples should be prioritised.

@96T6Z4H answered…1mo

If they pass all the correct infomation and things they need to adopt a child the same as a same sex marriage yes, but they shouldn't be given special treatment because of their circumstances .

@96RQWCL answered…1mo

Yes, but I believe that a child should be raised by a mother and father for them to thrive

@96R9X8TGreen answered…1mo

All potential parents should be required to attend a course on child development and the roles needed in a child's life regardless of their sexual orientation.

@96QVG9X answered…1mo

@96M7RZLGreen answered…1mo


@96KWRBQ answered…1mo

@96FCCCP answered…2mos

Yes, but in a waiting list system prioritising straight couples already waiting at the time of application (not new straight applicants subsequent)

@96DKWGC answered…2mos

@96BPWFLLabour answered…2mos

No and adoption agencies should prioritize offering children to straight couples before offering to gay couples if the other circumstances of the adopting families are the same


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