Yes, but maintain free trade agreements with EU nations
No, but renegotiate for strict limits on migration into the country and the terms of our monetary contributions
No, but renegotiate the terms of our monetary contributions

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 @5BXL94Dfrom Edinburgh, City of answered…4yrs4Y

Stop 90% of foreigners from entering the uk. The people are tired of it and would also love to ban Islam at any cost. Further permitting the free parading of Islam and the laid back migration process will inevitably result in a cultural meltdown.


Yes to having our own laws recognised but NO to destroying our cordial relationships with our European cousins. Recognition for us living on an island with limited physical resources by the europeans would have gone a long way to have knocked the whole leave/stay malarky on its head. Living on the continent seems to make it impossible for them to understand the islander mentality after all they can just move/get things from/to new areas whilst we fall into the sea! (effectively we live in a cage whilst they are free---result different mindsets/different attitudes/different ways of dealing with life/different priorities)


No, and renegotiate the system of the EU to provide for greater transparency and democracy.

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