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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...7yrs

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...7yrs

Yes, and ban all immigration until the government improves its screening process

@989K7FQ answered…12hrs

No, all people should be screened the same until the government improves it's screening ability.

@989GMP7 answered…17hrs

No, no one should be banned from safety but if it means that they have to be scanned and checked before entering the country then that’s okay

@989GHRF answered…17hrs

We should screen anyone coming into the country, not just Muslims

@989BPZQ answered…1 day

The country should stop the increase of all illegal immigration for all races, not just mulsims

@9894X8W answered…1 day

If they have a history of being involved in terrorist behaviour then no

@988FNG7 answered…2 days

Do you not think this is a racist question in assuming only Muslims are terrorists

@988D3PX answered…2 days

Immigration checks should not be limited to ethnic race as it's morally wrong. Anyone who travels into the country should have a general safety check

@988552NLiberal Democrat answered…3 days

No, but strict quarantine and background checks should be given first.

@9885286 answered…3 days

Muslim immigrants need to be vetted individually instead of grouped altogether as terrorists. Once they're here, more needs to be done to integrate them into British society like what they do in Norway because they have completely different values and a lot of them want Sharia Law.

@9884ZTM answered…3 days

No, but we should provide safe shelter in a quarantined area, until all have been background checked

@9884Y97 answered…3 days

it should be done on a case by case basis, not for a whole religious group

@9884Y78 answered…3 days

banning Muslims would be racist so i propose we ban all religious people from entering the country.

@987X48C answered…3 days

Immigrants should be screened before being allowed into the general public however I fully support asylum seekers

@986JRPQ answered…5 days

No but perform extensive background checks on people immigrating to the country , not just muslims

@986DZKZ answered…5 days

No, but we need to improve our process for immigration checks and review the process for immigrants who can be workers and contribute to society when waiting for an answer on asylum.

@986DNMC answered…5 days

@9865NSLLabour answered…6 days

No but the government should conduct a thorough screening, raise barriers to entry for immigrants and ban them from re-entering Britain should they commit terrorist acts to ensure they do not pose a threat to Britain’s national security in future

@985JQKM answered…1wk

Woman and children are fine but males from high risk area should be screened further.

 @9858GD4 answered…1wk

No, We should not deny entry but we must improve these methods to screen potential terrorists.

@984H947 answered…1wk

my granny called she said travvy you work too hard i’m worried you forget about me ba ba ba

@984DJJR answered…1wk

No however (male) muslim immigrants who are suspected of activity linked to ISIS and other forms of terrorism should be monitored

@983ZVQ2from New Jersey  answered…1wk

No, but we must make sure the immigration screening will ensure security in the state.

@983T6KHConservative answered…1wk

no but we should check all their information before allowing them in the country

@983NGP9 answered…1wk

It depends how many Muslim immigrants will be entering the country and if they are good or not.

@983JBX5from Kuala Lumpur  answered…1wk

No, but we should ban undocumented immigrants and immigrants with criminal history

@983DZZ5 answered…1wk

We should let everyone in unless when coming they have something dangerous E.g a gun

@98375NR answered…1wk

No, people should not be banned from a country solely because of the public perception of Islam practices.

@982VRVL answered…2wks

Not really as just because some are doesn't mean all are. But if they look suspicious check

No, but we should have a place of safehousing until they are able to improve their screening process.

@982KSG3 answered…2wks

No but we should provide more living spaces for those who are in the screening process.

@982FQ8Lfrom Michigan  answered…2wks

@97ZCQW8 answered…2wks

No we still need to let immigrants in whilst also improving our security screening

@97ZCLFD answered…2wks

@97ZCK9V answered…2wks

muslims have a right to enter a country without being judged by anyone. we don't own the world so you cant tell them where muslims can or cant go ITS WRONG.


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