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 @9MKPRRP from Washington answered…3hrs3H

No but they should be required to check in with an agent to let them know what's going on their life so they don't cause…

 @9MKHVGZ answered…12hrs12H

Let markets decide on demand for this kind of immigration and harshly regulate it so companies can only utilize such wor…

 @9MKHVGZ answered…12hrs12H

Make the path for legal immigration easier and faster so it becomes more appealing than illegal immigration. Improve int…

 @9MKHCQ4 answered…13hrs13H

The government should be able to run background check on people from high risk countries to screen out terrorists but no…

 @9MKHCQ4 answered…13hrs13H

There should be slightly stricter immigration policy in order to stop terrorists with bad criminal backgrounds from ente…